Transitioning to Veganism: Part One

As a blogger, you tend to read other blogs. Sometimes it’s to scope out what kind of posts people are interested in, other times it’s to get a blog perspective. Equally as important, sometimes you’re just genuinely interested in a blog and like to keep up with it. This last one is the case when it comes to me and The Crumby Vegan.
Recently, I read her post about a new documentary on Netflix called ‘What the Health.’ As a foodie, I of course, went to watch it. I’ve watched documentaries like this before, ie, ‘Forks Over Knives.’ And they made me turn to vegetarianism. This one however, set a different goal in my mind. A goal that I’ve been thinking of for quite some time now.
I can’t exactly say when I started thinking of it. All I really know is I’ve been more acting on it lately. It case you couldn’t tell, that goal is to become a vegan, one small step at a time.
Step One: As I write this, I’m going through my makeup and throwing out anything that isn’t cruelty-free and vegan. For me, this is one of the biggest steps. Alert: Makeup Junkie. See, most eyeshadows are definitely not vegan! Good news for me, I’ve found some brands who have a page on their website dedicated to vegan products. As well as brands who actually sell vegan eyeshadow.
More good news follows! PETA has a page dedicated to companies that DON’T test on animals, which you can find by clicking HERE. Equally as important, a list of companies that DO test on animals, HERE.
On top of makeup, I’m more interested in vegan skin-care. Luckily, I’ve been sampling this facial cleanser from Tarte, and it’s both cruelty-free AND vegan! Hooray!
Looking for vegan makeup or skin care products? Urban Decay, Tarte, and KatVonD all offer a Vegan page on their website.
Step Two: Dairy-Free. That’s right, I will be transitioning to detoxing dairy products from my body. I really look forward to doing this as dairy makes me feel quite sick. And I can’t wait to start my journey towards veganism.
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