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Beauty is one of my favorite topics to talk about because the possibilities are endless. Truthfully, I didn’t start getting into make-up until I was about 14, and looking at me today you’d never know that.
Anyone who knows anything about make-up knows this one simple fact: Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer is the holy grail of all beauty products. The queen of concealers. Day and Night. So naturally, when Tarte announced their new Shape Tape Foundation, it was thought to be the most glorious thing on the planet.
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Or so we thought. 
While skimming through other blog posts, it was brought to my attention that this new foundation came in 15 new shades. And only two of them were for men and women of color. I was completely outraged. I thought we had gotten past this with make-up companies?! So I decided to look a little deeper.
Apparently, color shade choices isn’t the only thing wrong with this product….
While many loyal fans left exceptional reviews on Tarte’s website, others were not pleased at all! Here are some of the disappointing reviews I read:
Shannon said : Shape tape concealer is my holy grail so I was very excited for the foundation. I got the hydrating one for my dry skin. It sinks into my pores and only lasted a couple hours. It is barely medium coverage with 2 layers. Would not recommend.
Stephanie C said: This looks nice and natural (hence the two stars) but it made my skin itch so badly that I had to go home at lunchtime to take it off. I have never had this issue with any other foundation and I have tried many. This one is getting returned.
Allison M said: I don’t want to take away from the fact that there are no shades for the darker complexion men and women out there. However, porcelain is still too dark for me. The undertone is incredibly yellow. I did like the coverage and the way it made my skin feel but the fact that the shade range is so awful is really upsetting and disappointing. I’m a little annoyed that the hype surrounding the product influenced me to buy the product as soon as it came out. I’m going to wait until it becomes available in Ulta so I can try and shade match better. I will likely be returning the foundation.
Sally said:  I chose the medium tan honey because the other shades looked really light and I have a medium skin tone. The color was unfortunately too dark. Not only that, it was literally orange. The foundation itself was fuller coverage than I had expected from seeing some of the reviews online. However, it looked awful on my skin. It exaggerated every pore and every bit of texture. It almost felt wet on the skin. Even after drying down. I do not have much texture nor do I have large pores. My skin type is dry. This foundation was honestly awful on its own without taking into account the shade issues. Will be returning.


After a bunch of backlash against the lack of color shade choices, Tarte deeply apologized and claimed they were just trying to get the line released. They also promised to be releasing more shades throughout 2018. Still, I am quite a bit upset at the product all together and I’m unsure if I will be making a purchase.
What’s more is that the majority of Tarte’s foundation are vegan! However, the new line doesn’t seem to be listed under the vegan page…. um what??? This is very upsetting for me and lots of other vegans. I understand that most beauty nowadays isn’t catered towards vegans but considering that most foundations are “accidentally” vegan, it makes me what…..What is in this product??


Have you heard about this dilemma?? What are your thoughts on it? Most importantly, have you tried Tarte’s new foundation?? I’d love to hear all about it!
Before you go, answer this: What is your favorite foundation of all time?

22 thoughts on “Let's Talk Beauty // Tarte's New Shape Tape Foundation

  1. I hadn’t heard about this before but I think it’s so refreshing that you’re writing honestly… I’ve never seen a blog post like this (taking into account the good and the bad). So mega! 💚

  2. Great post! I’ve not used Tarte – and actually up to the recent outrage, have never heard of it. You’d thin kI was living under a rock or something. I’ve been a loyal Mac user forever but I’m willing to give it a try. Too bad about the color deficiencies. I would probably just take it as an invitation to shop run and find something else (spoken like a true non user, right? =).

    1. I hear you on that! I’m currently using a different foundation from Tarte but I truthfully don’t think I’d be willing to try the new line until they fix a lot of problems. I also like Urban Decay because they’re cruelty-free and also have some vegan products. 🙂

  3. I have never used any of Tarte cosmetics however it is disappointing that Tarte doesn’t have more shade options for people of color especially in 2018. Lets pray they get it together.

  4. I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with the Tarte products. Thank you for warning me about them. I don’t wear makeup a lot though because I am allergic (I get very itchy easily with makeup and only wear it on super-special occasions), but for someone that DOES wear makeup a lot, these products seem to need to be fixed. I hope they come out with better products in the future.

  5. I do t wear any make up at all… like ever LOL…. well sometimes I wear chapstick 🤣 but I too heard of this and I was outraged at this company… If I ever decided to wear makeup I would never buy from them and I know several people who used them but when this came out switched to another brand….

    1. For sure! I have foundation from them right now that a bought months ago but I definitely won’t be buying their new foundation line until they fix a lot of controversial issues.

  6. Thanks so much for having this discussion! I was for sure disappointed in their lack of shade range because as you mentioned, their concealer is awesome! Hopefully, this opens the opportunity for conversation with them and they can come out with a better product!

    1. I’m so glad you agree, Antonia! I really hope this grip this reality in their hand because they really are a great brand. They have a large range of options, I just think they really need to change a lot of color shade and possibly the formula, too.

  7. I feel that as vegan movement is finding many more takers, the ingredients should be stated on the products and you should have a symbol to identify vegan products. In my country India, meat products are labeled with a red dot while vegetarian products are labeled with a green dot!

    1. A lot of vegan certified products are usually labeled with a “V.” However, if it’s not certified then you would just have to go through the ingredient list. It’s really cool that India does that, though! That makes things a lot easier.

  8. I never know about Shape Tape Foundation before reading your post. Interesting. And I guess it’s too bad if they won’t make their product 100% vegan any more.

  9. I haven’t tried the product but know people love the concealer version so I’m bummed to hear the foundation didn’t hold up!! Personally I love my Fenty foundation and will continue with it for a long while.

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