Let's Talk Beauty – The Problem With The Saying "Beauty Is Pain."

Let's Talk Beauty
Hey guys! Beauty talk is usually fun and almost gossipy, but today I want to tone it down and talk about something very serious to me. Today I want to talk about the saying “beauty is pain.” I have a lot of issues with people saying this and would like to here your thoughts, too! Be sure to read on to the end and let me know how you feel on the subject.
Listen, there’s a big problem with society. Children as young as four years old are already starting to deal with this sad topic: self image. Why? I want you to stop for a moment. Search through the web or pick up a magazine or even drive past a few billboards on the way to work and I’m sure you’ll have your answer.
No matter where you go, you’ll see photo-shopped individuals, talk about the latest diet, or just flat out body shaming. And that’s not okay.
“Beauty is pain.” That’s the phrase you tend to start hearing as a small child. It’s almost hypocritical. We tend children that they’re beautiful the way they are but in the same token, we say “beauty is pain.” We tell girls that they’re beautiful but then go on to saying that beauty comes with long hours of straightening hair, applying make-up, waxing, and wearing heels. We tell them that beauty is a process – a painful one at that.
Can I be completely honest with you? I hate it. I hate that men and woman everywhere can’t stand the thought to look in the mirror until they’ve altered themselves so much that they’re unrecognizable. It’s different when your dressing up for fun and dressing up because you couldn’t bear to see the sight of someone noticing you the way you truly are.
I want you to stop what you’re doing right now. I promise, this will only take a moment. Go to the mirror right now and say this. Say it once, say it twice. Heck, shout it for the people in the back. Say: “You don’t have to suffer to be beautiful. You are beautiful how you are now.” Go on, do it. I dare you!
Ask yourself if all this work is worth is just to impress someone else. The only person you should be worried about is you! I don’t put on make-up to impress my boyfriend or be “presentable” to leave the house. I put it on because I enjoy doing so.
This week, try doing something for you!

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