Let's Talk Beauty – Practicing Self Love On Valentine's Day

Let's Talk Beauty
Self Love – noun: Regard to one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic.) 
First and foremost: Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! February 14th is perhaps the most love filled holiday celebrated world-wide. Valentine’s Day is when couples get dressed up, go on dates, and pronounce their love for each other through gifts. It’s also probably my least favorite holiday; mostly because shouldn’t your pronounce your love for your significant other every day? Maybe it’s just me. This year is my first year celebrating it, and it was nice, but still weird.
Today I want to distract from all the happy couples and instead talk about self-love. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be in love, but it’s also great to show yourself some sweet TLC.
So in honor of Valentine’s Day (especially for all the single people out there,) here are 40 acts of self love you can perform to honor yourself!

  1. Buy yourself some chocolates or candy. (If you want to get extra fantastic, wait until the day after Valentine’s day when all the candy goes on sale! TLC for you and your wallet.)
  2. Write yourself a love poem. (Pretend as if you are your own secret admire, or don’t pretend. 😉 Dote upon yourself with poetry and give it to yourself.)
  3. Cook a nice dinner for yourself!
  4. Grab some popcorn, pop it up, and have a private movie night in bed! Or…
  5. Take yourself to the movies! Purchase the ticket to that new movie that came out. (Don’t forget to sneak in cheap candy.)
  6. Turn on the tea kettle and brew your favorite tea!
  7. Take a long and hot bath. (Don’t be afraid to include bubble bars, bath bombs, bath salts, and candles!)
  8. Order a body pillow! (If you already have one, that’s great!) Snuggle it up with yourself. Bonus points if you put some clothes on your pillow!
  9. Go shopping! Whether it’s actual shopping or window shopping, try on some clothes and take some sassy mirror pics!
  10. Take a walk in the park and try to pet as many dogs as possible!! (Trust me on this one.)
  11. Buy yourself some flowers! I personally like white or light pink roses.
  12. Buy that thing on Amazon that you’ve had in your wish list for as long as you can remember.
  13. Take up a new hobby! Maybe it’s knitting or maybe it’s deep diving. Whatever it is, go for it!
  14. Cross something off your bucket list. Book those plane tickets, eat that food. Life is too short to not live it!
  15. Stretch or do some yoga! No matter the body type, yoga is perfect for anyone!
  16. Find a role model. Someone you can really look up to.
  17. Create a loving affirmation to say every day from now on!
  18. Go for a hike!
  19. Write to your inner child, or write what you wish you could say to your 5 year old self.
  20. Get a massage!
  21. Go and get your nail done. *ring ring*  “Hello?” “Hi, I’d like to book a mani-pedi for 2pm please!”
  22. Write sticky note affirmations for yourself and post them all around your home and room. Especially the bathroom mirror!
  23. Make a self-care box and open it when you need that extra love. It can include anything, like fuzzy socks, a sappy movie, tea bags, or anything you like!
  24. Sleep in. In fact, don’t even set an alarm.
  25. Do your hair!
  26. Watch cute animal videos on YouTube! I like the clumsy panda videos.
  27. Play a childhood game on the computer. Example: pinball!
  28. Create a scrapbook and really go all out!
  29. Attend a class you’ve always wanted to take. Whether it’s dancing, cooking, or even a class at the craft store, book it!!
  30. Eat at a diner or comfort food restaurant. Buffet, here I come!
  31. Order takeout and have it delivered.
  32. Make a positive quote journal!
  33. Buy yourself a Valentine’s Day card and write a sweet message inside. You can even include a gift card or money inside!
  34. Buy a plant and spend time talking to it and taking care of it.
  35. Do something for someone else! (It will really make you feel good, I promise!)
  36. Turn off your cell-phone for a day and just overall spend time with yourself.
  37. Plan a potluck with friends and enjoy the great food and company!
  38. Make an upbeat song playlist!
  39. Dance party!!! Dance all over your house! Maybe you can use that upbeat playlist we were just talking about 😉
  40. Use a face mask or pore strip and deep clean your skin!


I want to take the time to say a great big thank you to everyone who has supported my blogging journey thus far! You should feel appreciative of yourself! I hope this list finds you and give your day the extra spark to take care of yourself!
Please consider sharing this so your friends can give themselves some TLC, too!

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