Let's Talk Beauty – Is L'Oréal Skin Shaming?

Let's Talk Beauty
Happy Wednesday! If you’re new here, I’d like to say welcome! If you’re not new, welcome back! As some of you may know, I have been doing a segment for the past few weeks called “Let’s Talk Beauty.” More recently, I have been talking a lot about society’s definition of beauty and learning to love and accept yourself. Be sure to check out last week’s post: Let’s Talk Beauty – Dear Cosmopolitan Magazine.



is loreal skin shaming
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Anyone even slightly involved in the makeup world knows that L’oreal is one of the big brands. They’re known for their hair , makeup, and skin care products that are purchased world wide.
A few months ago, I stopped buying L’Oréal upon deciding to go vegan. Newsflash: They still test on animals!! Gross! If that wasn’t the only thing, what happened recently would have been enough.

*****I want to disclose that I do in fact have full permission to use these photos from the original poster and all credits go back to her!*****

In my last post, I talked about how the first time I got a pimple, I was forced to believe I had to conceal all of my “imperfections” in order to believe I was beautiful. But that’s not true at all! Acne is not a handcuff that ties you down!
emeraldxbeauty selfie
Meet Kadeeja Khan, more so known as @emeraldxbeauty on Instagram and other social media handles. At 126K followers, she’s widely known for her makeup posts; especially when it comes to covering acne.
So when L’Oréal contacted her, it seemed like a great opportunity to work with a great brand! Until they responded with something horrifying.
emeraldxbeauty loreal
During email correspondence, L’Oréal replied with an apology to Kadeeja, exclaiming that “L’Oréal can’t be involved with people with skin issues” and further thanked her for using her time to contact them.
Instead of keeping silent about the interaction, she took to her instagram feed, where she had this to say:
“To think we’re supposed to live in an advanced society that not only ACCEPTS of ALL walks of life but actually embraces people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, and disabilities….Shame on you, L’Oréal.”
Of course, other instagram users responded with love and support for Kadeeja.
@lauriealoup said: I’m French and I am very ashamed about the actions of L’Oréal. Shame on you! France doesn’t represent this! France represents equality, liberty, and fraternity and here you disgrace our values.”
@withlovezoee said: This is disgusting! L’Oréal you should be ashamed. You are beautiful, girl. xx
Others responded with quite a bit of backlash, which encouraged her to respond with:
“For people trying to say I’m being horrible in this post, couldn’t be more wrong. I’m simply reposting what a member of their company has wrote to me. That’s it. I’ve blurred it out because I felt a bit embarrassed as they “pulled out due to my skin.” Now, if L’Oréal didn’t want to work with skin types like mine, that’s fine. It’s your brand to do with what you please. This situation did not do that. I have absolutely nothing to hide from this post as I knew another influencer has the same thing written and is out for you to see. You seeing what they wrote is not a problem. I posted this so you could see why I was upset and the reason for it. A few makeup artists telling me I want to “play the victim” is disheartening. I can understand why they did it though. They don’t want to ruin their images and want to look good in front of the brand. I get it. However, I’m not like that. You want me off your PR list for telling the truth? I’ll proudly go. I won’t site a bash others in the same field of world as me to look better. That’s not my style. That’s classless. I can understand people will have their opinions, so this is my last word on this topic.”
For a few days, Kadeeja took some time to take a break and reflect on what happened. Finally, she returned to Instagram with one last thing to say.
“I know many people are asking about what happened with ‘L’Oréal.’ I’ve been getting a ton of direct messages about it. Why I haven’t uploaded properly  in 2 days. I know some people won’t understand what I’m trying to say. Some ‘makeup influences’ are trying to start on me for speaking the truth. Truly, it did put me in a dark place. I’ve come on this platform to show everyone who I am and what I’m about. I’m trying my best to shine the light on things that matter. To show everyone that yes, you don’t have to be perfect! Love yourself regardless! I’m already used to trolls trying to bring me down. But coming from a global international brand…really hurt. It honestly made me feel like their really isn’t any room in the industry for people like me. It made me feel that “you’re worth it…ONLY if you’re perfect. However, that has given me fuel. Fuel to continue to show you that you’re beautiful no matter what ANYONE says. That even if it’s someone so huge and big, it still means NOTHING. Never stop loving yourself for who you are and NEVER change.”


L’Oréal is known for selling products that help with acne. Wouldn’t you think that having a girl with acne on their campaign would help them reach out to a higher community?  In my opinion, I definitely think L’Oréal needs to change a lot of their views. They claim that they are diverse in skin type, color, race, age; etc. But I think this proves something other than that.

I wanted to bring attention to this today because it’s a big problem in society! Growing up, I listened to people talk about it like it was an evil being that needed to be hidden away in a vault. But it’s not!  Acne is a natural thing that people can’t seem to accept

You shouldn’t take care of your skin because it has to be clear in order to be accepted as beautiful. Skin care comes with self-care and acceptance for yourself. Skin care is about loving yourself. But having acne does not mean you aren’t beautiful. It means you are HUMAN. Acne derives from genetics, hormones, stress; etc. You should not feel alienated for not having clear skin. I repeat, you are beautiful just how you are!! Just because I or anyone has acne does not make them ugly. Kadeeja said it best: you should never stop loving yourself and never change who you are!
Be sure to check her out on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel!


Let me know what YOU think about this topic. Do you agree or not agree with what L’Oréal is doing? Do you think it classifies as skin shaming? Let me know in the comments!!

25 thoughts on “Let's Talk Beauty – Is L'Oréal Skin Shaming?

  1. I think big companies need to be alot more considerate. Beauty is not all about the good looks and I think people and consumers like being realistic. This is something we all need to think about .

  2. Wow this is crazy glad you are putting information like this out def something that shouldn’t have been shame for her skin we all go through different stages in our skin that girl shouldn’t be told that

  3. That’s insane that they did that. Not everyone can have ‘perfect skin’ and a company that sells beauty products that helps with acne and covers it up should be ashamed.

  4. It’s such a shame on L’Oréal! How could they discriminate like that! No one is perfect and we don’t have to Be perfect in order to be beautiful! It’s about time someone has to talk about it 👍🏻 And Thank goodness she talked about this publically and thank you for sharing this with us!!💜

    1. You’re so right, nobody is perfect! We always strive to be and it’s exhausting. I wish more people could see they’re already beautiful. Well, thank you for reading!

  5. Guys – You’re going to hate me… Cosmetic companies rely on images of flawless skin to sell their product. Knowing that, they aren’t going to work with someone with problem skin. That’s just the way that rolls. Now the other side of this, It would be cool to see a before and after to show how the product helped if at all with the acne, but apparently they don’t want to chance a negative review.

    1. No hate here, I love hearing people’s opinions on the topics I put out…that’s the whole point! I 100% agree that companies like L’Oréal rely on flawless skin photos. But I definitely do think that as a skin care company, they SHOULD put out before and after’s. Personally, I won’t buy a product without one. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!!!

  6. This is insane.. Big beauty company should know that they get orders from women who are not so picture perfect or great skin.. This is really sad to read this..hats off to you girls who just took a stand for such things.

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad to hear you agree. It really is sad. I understand they have an “image” to uphold but I would like to see people with acne actually using their products in an ad. It’s a shame.

  7. I agree that “You shouldn’t take care of your skin in order to be accepted”. Do it for yourself and not for the society / other people.

  8. I definitely understand her perspective and feelings in the matter, but if the brand is PAYING someone for advertising…they should be able to decide exactly what they want to pay for, and that doesn’t have to be fair or take anyone’s feelings into consideration…it’s business.

    1. I definitely understand what you’re saying but shaming someone shouldn’t be okay just because they’re a business. I do agree though, that they decide what they want to pay for, but they definitely could have worded it differently or post a disclaimer saying what kind of people they’d like to work with.

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