Why Did I Go Vegan In The First Place?

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Recently I’ve been really struggling with writing in the ‘vegan department.’ As you may have noticed, I probably haven’t written a Friday post for the last few weeks. So if you were wondering, it’s because I truly didn’t have anything to say. Being a vegan is something I’m very passionate about, but sometimes I can’t express it exactly the way I want to. After much pondering, I decided to answer one question. Why did I go vegan in the first place? 

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In all started a few years ago when I went vegetarian and gluten-free for about a year. I knew that I had a dairy allergy and that the majority of people were allergic to bread, and so I spontaneously decided to follow both diets. Back then, I did care greatly for animals. My own pets were adopted or rescued and I even tried starting a GoFundMe page for an outdoor cat that I named Rosy, who needed medical attention. But for the most part, being a vegetarian was just a health choice.

For the past year, I have been an ambassador for a company called Sand Cloud; who originally started out on the tv show ‘Shark Tank.’ They sell ocean themed merchandise and donate 10% of every order to marine conservations. Not long after I became an ambassador, Sand Cloud released a facebook page for ambassadors only and I excitedly joined the group hoping to make some friends. This is where veganism first started sparking up in my thoughts.

It started with adding a few people from the group onto my friends list. One day, I was scrolling down my feed and noticed that one of the girls posed next to a shot deer. I remember immediately being outraged. How could a person who is a representative for saving animals hunt and kill one for fun??

In June 2017, the Netflix documentary titled ‘What the Health’ came out. A lot of hype went on about it for months until I finally decided to give in and watch it.

In September 2017, I laid down in bed and decided to watch it. Gag me! Needless to say I could not finish the documentary before deciding to go vegan. See, my love for animals had started to grow, and after seeing a numerous amount of unmentionable things, it was an easy decision.
After making the conscious decision, I decided to do a lot of research before diving 100% in, and I set a start date for official veganism: January 1st, 2018.


After informing my mother and boyfriend, I broke out my computer to do the most amount of research I possibly could. I learned about all the horrifying thins that happen to animals in factories and farms. Even seemingly fun places like circuses, zoos, and SeaWorld now looked like animal torture chambers. I received valuable information from studies and learned the health factors about becoming a vegan. Such as plant-based diet completely reversing diabetes and aiding in reducing and getting rid of cancer cells. Going vegan was basically and 100% win.

I found out that my love for animals didn’t stop at house pets, but that it extended to from the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest flight of bird. And I couldn’t understand why I could exclaim to love animals but still eat them or their products that were not intended for me. January 1st was the goal start date and I was not looking back. Along the way, I even made a good friend. And despite the age and time zone difference, she is completely amazing and has helped me in so many ways.


Upon the arrival of January first, I hit up Pinterest to find some recipes that I would absolutely HAVE to try for my first week of veganism. I ordered a starter kit from PETA, which supplied very helpful information and I looked to my friends and family for as much support as I could get. Then, I dove head first into what I like to call love.

Since January, I have learned a lot. I’ve learned that there are people who will and won’t accept you. But I’ve also learned that being a vegan is about much more than saving animals. It’s about being respectful to ALL life forms and giving care and protection back to the Earth.

So to answer the question, I decided to go vegan for a lot of reasons. And if I had to narrow it down to less than ten words, I’d say that: I went vegan to protect all walks of life.


If you have any vegan related questions, be sure to comment them! I’ll be doing a Q&A next Friday to answer all of them. You can also message me privately via the Contact. I check my emails multiple times daily and am sure to respond very quickly! Click here to take you to my facebook page, where you can leave questions specifically for the Q&A.

I hope today’s post has given you a look into my life.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. The Documentary “Forks over Knives” is what turned me! If you haven’t seen it I would recommend it! I was vegetarian before that, but that is what turned me fully vegan.

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