20 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 20

Let’s clear the air just a tad – I am not a millennial. I’m not a Mom or a Business woman. I am a teenager – 16 to be exact. I say this because it comes as a huge shock to the majority of people I meet and become acquainted with. When I say huge shock, this of course, is an understatement. Hello, my name is Kasia and I am a 16 year old Blogger residing in the heart of Maryland, USA.
I’ve done a few bucket list posts lately – 20 Things on My Travel Bucket List (USA Version) and 25 Things You Should Add To Your Spring Bucket List This Year – but nothing quite like this. I’ve decided to make a  Milestone Bucket List to try to complete before a set date.
It took me awhile to compile this list. A Milestone Bucket List is way different then a regular bucket list because it’s a list of things you are actually going to try to accomplish relevantly soon. As a 16 year old, I decided to choose my 20th birthday as a milestone. Why not 18, you ask? Well, because a lot of things require being at least 18 years of age to do, so I can’t quite finish them before I turn 18, now can I?
This list has many things that are easy and many things that I’ll have to work my tail off to complete. All in all, it’s a great list.

  1. Get a tattoo. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. I have lots of ideas and have even drawn a few that I’d like to get. I’m pretty sure I even have a Pinterest board made just for tattoo inspiration.
  2. Go to the Bahamas and swim with Nurse Sharks. I’ve always liked sharks, but since Trey is a HUGE shark fanatic, my love for them has grown immensely. We’ve decided we are going to swim with sharks together starting with the most docile.
  3. Graduate from college with my Bachelor’s Degree. This is one of those “takes time” goals I was talking about.
  4. Learn how to hand-sew. Okay, this is more of a necessity than anything but it’d still be nice to learn.
  5. Go on an ALL DAY hike. We used to do this when I was little, but I haven’t gone on an all-day hike since then. I would love to do this again before I turn 20.
  6. Learn American Sign Language. Story time! We were at Home Depot a few weeks ago getting a new tank for the grill and one of the workers came out to assist us. I noticed he was deaf and using ASL to communicate. Luckily, I know a very limited amount of it and mostly understand what he was saying and responded. However, I would like to learn the rest of the language.
  7. Open an Online Store. The other day, I was telling Trey how outrageous it is that they sell clothes for Build-A-Bear sized bears but not for the bigger teddy bears. So I have now vowed to start creating teddy bear clothes and selling them world-wide. I want to open this store within the next few years!
  8. Finish writing a book. I have been trying to write a book since I learned how to write. No joke, ask my mom, my sister, and basically anyone who has ever known me.
  9. Learn to play guitar. I was learning to play but then my guitars got stolen. I will learn to play!!!
  10. Write a song. After learning to play guitar, I want to write a song. Well, let me re-clarify. I have written a numerous amount of lyrics for a song, but I have not written the music for any.
  11. Run a 5K. My mom and I used to do 5Ks but I would actually like to run. Like physically run through the whole thing. That would be cool.
  12. Start a YouTube channel. I haven’t decided if it will be for makeup or DIYs or everything, but it’d be awesome to start a YouTube channel.
  13. Host a HUGE Beach Clean-Up. This would honestly may my entire life if a bunch of people were to get together with me and do a beach clean-up.
  14. Do a 30-Day Waste Free Challenge. Yesterday, I wrote an Earth Day post about reducing plastic waste and ways to help the environment – Happy Earth Day 2018 – I would love trying living waste-free and possibly convert to doing in completely!
  15. Volunteer at an animal shelter. This is actually so easy to do! Animal shelters are ALWAYS looking for volunteers and I’d love to do something local to help out and befriend all the lonely animals.
  16. Take a dance class. I did go to a few with a former friend, but I would love to take another. Maybe something Latin.
  17. Start a Scrapbook/Travel Journal. I saw this really cool kit inside Michael’s that is a planner but has space to put daily photos. It was so cool.
  18. Create my own Vegan Cookbook. Another reason why I’ve been experimenting with my own recipes is because I want to make my own cookbook. I think this would be just the neatest thing.
  19. Go on a roadtrip. I was supposed to go on one a few years ago but a lot of plans got mixed up. I would love to plan an epic trip to take!
  20. Have a family reunion and meet all my cousins. Lately I’ve been working on my Ancestry – Do You Know YOUR Ancestry? – and I actually got to speak to some of my cousins for the first time. I would like to plan something to be able to meet all of them and their families.

All of the things on my list are 100% doable! Though they may be hard, they will be worth it if I complete them. MY question for you today: What is on your milestone list?
Happy Monday! xoxo

2 thoughts on “20 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 20

  1. I absolutely love this idea of a Milestone Bucket List. It is almost like giving yourself 5-year goals but they are more specific and doable. I am going to take this idea and make my own. I think that will help me focus on what I am trying to accomplish. Thank you for sharing this!!

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