August 2018 Vegan Beauty Haul

If you had told me a few years ago when I first started wearing makeup that I would really get into it, I probably would’ve told you that you’re nuts – but here I am.

When I decided I was going to be a vegan for the rest of my life (no, that’s not as dramatic as it sounds), I thought it would be really hard trying to find vegan-friendly beauty products that I’d actually enjoy, but again – here I am.

Beauty is a lot of what I write here on the blog, but that’s definitely for a reason. There is always going to be something new for me to review because products are always coming out and there is always going to be something I haven’t tried. This brings me to today’s post – a beauty haul! That’s right, my very first beauty haul post – and let me tell you – it’s going to be a good one.

Disclaimer: Of course, this post will just be of all the products I bought and what I’m hoping to accomplish by using them. But a review of each product will come soon when I feel experienced enough with each product….

Anyways, I want to jump right into it because I am so excited for all of these items.


The first three products in this haul belong to Medusa’s Makeup and are:

  • Eyedust in shade Penny Wise
  • Mineral Blush in shade Laser Beams
  • Mystical Eyedust in shade Medusa

As you can see from the bottom right photo, I have included swatches – don’t be afraid to click on the photo to zoom – and I absolutely love the shades.

First Impressions

Penny Wise Eye Dust

I’ve never used anything with the copper tone before so I’m interested in trying something I’ve never come face to face with – although it’s not my favorite. I do like the loose powder and it’s very pigmented. Overall, I am definitely pleased and can’t wait to try out some new looks and give a full review.

Laser Beams Mineral Blush

My cheeks have a natural pinkish tone that I’m always trying to cover up, so I don’t normally wear blush. However, when I saw this color I absolutely fell in love. I love the loose powder, I love the texture, and it blends so well.
Spoiler alert: I have already used this and can safely say I may have to start using blush.

2019 Update: I am still wearing this blush! It’s the perfect shade to mix in between your contour and highlight for a subtle glow.

Medusa Mystical Eye Dust

Although I am absolutely in love with the shade, it may just be too dark for me to wear. I used to wear very dark and unblended eyeshadow, but now that I’ve matured and grown in my makeup journey, I have strayed away from dark pigmented shadows. However, I am looking forward to experimenting with this because it’s absolutely gorgeous. The only downside I see thus far is that it is crazy pigmented so I’ll have to blend, blend, blend!

These next two product’s are also from Medusa’s Makeup and are:

  • Matte Eyeshadow in shade Key Largo
  • Totally Baked Eyeshadow in shade Bodacious

First Impressions

Key Largo Matte Eyeshadow

I am actually stoked for this bold blue – but I have a love/hate relationship with the velvety texture. I’ve noticed from one of the last eyeshadows I got from them that the eyeshadows have a hard time blending and sticking… So I am crossing my fingers that it’s not the case with this one.

Bodacious Baked Eyeshadow

I’m not really sure if this is gray or brown or some kind of both. But I do find it very pretty. I suppose the good thing about not knowing what tone it is, is that I may be able to use it with both neutral and bold looks. It would definitely make a very pretty crease color – although it is a little bit shimmery.

This next product is from the Metal AF line of Medusa’s Makeup and is in the shade Crazy Train. 

First Impression

I was really worried about the copper tone, but figured I could easily blend it with something more neutral for an Ombre effect. When making the swatch, I noticed it didn’t go on patchy and that the wand was smooth – both of which are on the pro list.

My Mini First Time Review

I actually used this lip gloss this morning because I couldn’t wait any longer – and I surprisingly loved it! I was overly worried because of the copper ( almost penny-like) tone, but it looks fairly nice against my pale skin.
I was definitely right about it not being patchy, as it went on smoothly and blended out nicely. I definitely give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!

Take note of these four products because you’ll be seeing a review on them very soon – they are:

  • Sea Foam Complete Face Wash – Pacifica –  see full review here
  • Rose Flower Hydro Mist – Pacifica
  • Mineral SPF Body Butter Pineapple Flower (SPF 50) – Pacifica
  • LUNA play plus – Foreo

First Impressions

LUNA play plus

I originally saw this on when I was searching for a skincare brush. I’ve been in desperate need of one because using my hands just wasn’t cutting it. (No matter how good your face wash is, it will always and I mean always leave some form of residue behind.)

I wanted to look for something that didn’t have bristles, because my skin is so sensitive and no brush is ever soft enough. I had seen a lot of good reviews for Foreo, and really wanted to try it out without getting the most expensive product.

So I decided that I wanted to take a look at it in-stores before making a final decision. But once I saw it in person, I completely fell in love and decided to take it home….

Rose Flower Hydro Mist

While I was in Ulta buying the LUNA play plus, I saw a sale (buy one get one 40% off) for Pacifica’s tonics and mists and decided to scope it out. This bottle immediately caught my eye because of the color.
It smells absolutely wonderful, but I will have a full review very soon!

Pineapple Flower Sun Screen (SPF 50)

This formula is super creamy and smells so good. Lately I’ve been putting it on underneath my makeup, but since I spend a lot of time indoors either at home or at work, I can’t justify how well the SPF works. More news on that soon!

First of all, we need to talk about this Limited Edition Foundation brush from Real Techniques. I got it on sale and I’m pretty sure I’m in love…just saying. If your local beauty store still has one left, I highly recommend grabbing one before they are gone forever!!!!

Now onto the NYX Matte Finish Fini Mat Setting Spray. I just ran out of this about a week or so ago and decided to add it as the last item of my beauty haul….

I absolutely love it and it makes my makeup last all-day-long. There is seriously nothing better and it’s not expensive at all.

Make sure you stay tuned for all the full reviews on each of these products! What vegan-friendly products should I add to my next haul? Let me know what YOU want to see on the blog….

Thank you for reading! I’ll catch you on the next post.


18 thoughts on “August 2018 Vegan Beauty Haul

  1. I love some of these. The Crazy Train looks like it would go perfect. I also love Pacifica! Although I’ve only used their lip products so far.

    1. Pacifica is the !! I’m in love with their skin care stuff. Unfortunately, my closest Ulta barely carries them except for some skin care and some fragrances.

  2. I have never heard of Medusa’s Makeup until this post. Thanks for sharing! I recommend adding W3LL PEOPLE products, which are vegan and with good ingredients.

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