My Fall 2018 Bucket List

Yesterday, I walked into work with an extra pep in my step. Why? Because I live for October. Chapter 10 of 12 is my favorite month of the year! Fall has begun, pumpkin and apple flavored everything is out, and Halloween is right around the corner. I am even more excited this month because my mom is coming up tomorrow and we are hoping to try out new vegans foods and spend some time out in the breezy Autumn air! Make sure to follow me on Instagram because I’ll be updating my story with new adventures while she is here #ShamelessSelfPromo @beautyforthebrain
Fall has the most gorgeous weather of the year; at least in my opinion. So I want to spend whatever days I’m not working outside with the crisp air and and crunchy leaves. And in order to fully prep for all the events that Autumn has to offer, I decided to make a Fall Bucket List! Here we go!

My Fall Bucket List

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Visit A Pumpkin Patch + Apple Orchard.

Okay, I was just on the phone with my momma about this one researching all the pumpkin patches in my neighborhood – and we definitely made plans to go  this weekend if I don’t have to work. We found a place called Weber’s Peachberry Farm right here in MD where they have picking all year round for blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, peaches, apples, and even pumpkins! (Each fruit depending on the season, of course.) During the fall (September through November) they have apple picking on the weekend and during October they have a pumpkin patch! Sounds like a win-win to me.

Find A Good Fall/Winter Skin Care Routine

Cooler weather for me means dry + flaky skin – which I definitely don’t want want to take part in this year. So I’m going to get ahead of the game on exfoliation and moisturizer this season. And yes, that means a trip to Ulta this week!!

Buy A Fall Inspired Outfit

And yes I do mean the whole shebang – top, bottoms, cardigan, scarf, and boots!

Create A Fall Makeup Look (Or Five)

I’m all about trying out some warm tones this season. Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Green: you name it! I’m trying every last fall color this year.

Bake A VEGAN Pie from Scratch

If we go apple picking, then apple pie definitely have to be in cahoots of the aftermath. My mom is a Pampered Chef Consultant and considered bring her mini pie pans along for the ride…;)

Go to a State Park

Nothing screams “Autumn is here!” like watching the leaves change color and fall off the trees. I am definitely planning in spending some time in the great outdoors!

Try A New Soup

I am all for warm soup on a chilly day because it brings back so many good memories. My mom makes some of the best soup ever and I hope to carry on making soup during the Fall and Winter. Trust me, I’ve already found some recipes on Pinterest that I’m waiting to try.

Carve A Jack-O-Lantern

This is one of the things I’m going to miss doing with my sister this year, but I hope that Trey and I will have just as much fun doing it together. And let’s not lie, it’s definitely going to be a competition….

Okay, so I’m trying not to make an exceedingly long list of things I’ll never do this year, but I did add some things I’ve never done and hope to try for the first time. I’m so excited and ready for October to carve it’s course and bring new memories that I’ll never forget.
So, what are three things on your bucket list this season??

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  1. Great post. I just want to experience the changing leaves and some cooler weather…let’s see how that goes in FL. Sorry I didnt end up with room to bring the mini-pie pans but we’ll order you one of your own 😉

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