The Fall Tag // 2018 //

As a blogger, it’s so important to have other bloggers to love & support. It’s so essential for me to have these solid friendships because the online world is a bit tricky, relentless, and overall competitive. I’m in this group on Facebook called Boss Girl Bloggers, which by the way, I would not be here today with all the help from these ladies. And when Ell [] came forward with a Fall Tag for us to particpate in, everyone was leaping forward to learn new things about each other – and I am no stranger to it either…

So, I would first like to thank Ell for creating this tag, please go give her a looksie!Blog:
Twitter: @BGBloggers and @lauren_duclos
Without further ado, let’s jump right into the tag!

What is One Candle You MUST Light Every Fall?I would have to say anything Apple scented. It is one of my favorite scents of Fall, besides pumpkin of course.
When You Think of Fall, What Does It Remind You Of?
When I was younger, my sister and I were raking our backyard just for fun. We went into the forest behind our house and gathered up leaves and used the sticky leaves to make a leaf couch – and then we sat on it.
It sounds gross, but we were kids and that’s one of my favorite memories. So that’s what I think of every time Fall is around the corner.
What Is Your All Time Favourite Fall/Halloween Movie
Okay, so I decided to choose two – one scary and one not scary.
Scary: Halloween (aka Michael Myers…)
Not scary: Halloweentown (Yes, the one that plays on Disney every year!)
What Halloween Costume Do You Have In Mind?
This question has two answers to it because it depends on if I work and if my job let’s me dress up. If they do let me dress up, I am going to be a unicorn! If I can’t I know they will at least let me wear my Halloween leggings that day, so either way I’m excited.
What Is Your Favourite Fall Trend?
Definitely cardigan sweaters! I’m planning on buying a few of my own this year.
When You Think of Fall, What Drink Comes to Mind?
Apple Cider is definitely the first thing that pops into my mind. It’s one of my favorite drinks of all time – and I love it hot or cold!
What Is Your Go-To Fall Beauty Product?
Definitely a burgundy lipstick!
Do You Prefer Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie?
Trey prefers pumpkin all the way, but I’m more of an apple girl myself.
Do You Have any Fall Traditions? If So, Tell Us All About It?
Nothing fancy besides your typical pumpkin carvings.
The Moment Of Truth….Is Fall Your Favourite Season??
Okay, this is a tough question to answer because everyone knows how much I love cold weather and snow. But I think I can say that Fall and Winter are pretty close in the Number One spot. However, I can’t fully decided which one over rules the other because they are both absolutely gorgeous seasons – hands down.

Thanks for reading! I was so stoked to take part of this Fall Tag. I wanted to tag some people, but wasn’t sure who to tag. SO, I nominate everyone reading this. If you want to participate – just tag me because I’d love to read your answers.


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