Checking It Off The List: Apple Picking + More

While Trey was growing up, his Aunt lived on a large farm and he frequently went down there to pick blueberries. He recalls these memories as if they were yesterday and talks about all the different kinds of fruits he’s picked before.

On  Sunday, October the 7th, 2018, I went apple picking for the first time in my whole life. 

The first thing I prepared for for my apple picking adventure was my outfit. I went out of Friday afternoon in search of a stunning skirt and top combo and was not willing to leave with anything less than perfect. First stop: Forever 21.
I walked in with high hopes of finding a burgundy skirt – and that I did! I tried it on with a ripped white sweater and fell in love with the look- but sadly, the sweater did not make it home with me. Downfall: Too Much Shedding!
The good news is, I walked out of Forever 21 with the first skirt I tried on for only $17 and I could not be any happier! Plus, I didn’t have to go to anymore stores that day…hooray!!! And I definitely didn’t mind compromising on wearing a top I already had at home.
When Sunday rolled around, I rummaged in search for the perfect accessories to complete the final look. I snagged the belt off of my slacks, found my thigh highs in a drawer, and paired it off with some sunglasses. I finished it off by rolling up the sleeves of my sweater and throwing on some plain black knock-off Vans. #AttentionKmartShoppers

When we arrived at the farm, I was surprised at how poplar it actually was for a Sunday – but now that I think of it, the place did have great reviews.
The orchard had such an easy layout that made it easy to find the kinds of apples you wanted. This is what they had available for pickings that day:

  • Empire
  • Jonagold
  • Mutsu
  • Nittany
  • Stayman Winesap

I knew from research that Empire, Jonagold, and Winesap were all great baking apples – so that’s what I was headed for..and since we were there right as the farm opened, that’s exactly what I got!
So here is how the system worked. You walk up to the small stand and decide on how many apples you want to pick.

  • 1/2 Peck (5-6 pounds) $12
  • Peck (11-12 pounds) $19
  • Half Bushel (20-22 pounds) $30

Since it was my first time apple picking..ever – I decided I didn’t want to not pick a lot of apples, but I also didn’t want to pick so many apples that I’d never get around to using. So, I decided to go with the Peck for $19. I have to say that this was already an amazing investment considering how many apples I fit in that bag for just under twenty dollars. It’s significantly less for what I’d pay at the grocery store for the same amount – and let’s face it – a lot tastier.

I can’t even lie, I definitely picked an apple and ate it right off the tree. These are some of the best apples I’ve ever had and I loved the whole experience. It was fun and created a good memory, plus it wasn’t hard or stressful to do.

If you read My Fall 2018 Bucket List than you know that apple picking was number one on my list – so I am definitely happy to report my first check off! Also, buying a new skirt counts toward my third thing on the list: buying a fall inspired outfit.
fall bucket list.jpg
On the way home, we found a cute little hiking spot called Gunpowder Falls State Park , and we stopped to enjoy the scenery and take a short walk. This crosses off the sixth thing on my bucket list and concludes that I have currently finished 3 of 8 activities!! PS) You can totally check out my Instagram highlights to see some photos form this state park; it was gorgeous!!

Thanks for reading! Have you been apple picking this Fall season yet??


4 thoughts on “Checking It Off The List: Apple Picking + More

  1. Apple picking is one of my favorite Fall activities! I love making apple crisp and pie and drinking apple cider! It looks like you had so much fun!

  2. So much fun! I don’t remember apple picking until I had kids of my own but I’m sure my parents took me as a child. Also, cute pics.

  3. Super cute! I love Forever 21 and I love apple orchards. We took our little girl last year and they had the best apple cinnamon donuts one could ever want. The only downside was that we went in the early afternoon and it was hot as ever out there.

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