5 Fashion-Influencers I Follow For Inspiration // Words from Ruth Holondo

On today’s post we’ll be talking about my two favourite things..Instagram and fashion!!
Although I wouldn’t call myself a ‘fashion pro’ it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to shake it up when it comes to clothes, especially when new seasons calls for new styles that are more appropriate for the weather. Here in the UK it’s a little bit of a mish-mash when it comes to the weather fitting the season we’re in ha-ha. As I speak, there has been nothing but sun (with slight wind) during Autumn, like I’ve had the opportunity to wear my fuzzy winter coat and scarf only a couple of times. Some of you must be thinking why is this girl complaining about the weather when summer is not ready to leave us just yet, but as nice as it may be I don’t like having to dress in both summer and autumn clothes. If anything it is giving me more work and a hassle than it has to ha ha.
Before I continue rambling about the UK weather and bore you to death, as that really ain’t my aim, think I should just get down to sharing about today’s blog that I’ve prepared. As I mentioning earlier, I like the idea of fashion due to the fact on how each individual can use the same outfits yet style it completely differently to someone else. It was due to this reason that I began to broaden my fashion inspirations away from like mannequins and models on the websites to Instagram explore page. There I would find million fashion profiles from around the world and see the ones that caught my eye the most. Thus bringing us to this blog post whereby I will be sharing a couple of the people that I personally follow for that fashion inspiration for either every day, occasional or holiday outfits which I would feel comfortable being in. This is very important when choosing your outfit, no matter what brilliant outfit you choose, if you don’t feel comfortable in it then there’s no chance of you feeling confident in it. So without further ado, here are my fashion inspirations that I’ve followed for a while now on


Sonia Belo is a fashion influencer that lives in Lisbon. I came across her randomly one day as I was browsing through my Instagram explore section and the thing that mostly caught my eye was her bold background that she uses on her pictures; from her mirror selfies in her house to the street style photos. When it comes to delivering a good fashion profile, I like to see the full outfit and of course tags of where it was purchased (or dupes), so that I know where I can also find it, and she does this perfectly. Sonia shows a range of occasional wear outfits, along with the everyday looks and summer comforts. My all-time favourite outfit of hers that I always go back to is a green button down dress which she got from Forever 21 that is to die for!


Lydia Dinga is a UK based Youtube influencer who has the best casual look outfit pictures on her profile. Many of my clothing at home have come from her inspiring page and her chatty yet friendly personality is what continues to bring me back to her all the time ha-ha. Also, what I like about her is that she’s never afraid to say it how it is when it comes to clothes. This is always a bonus as you know the influencer is being true to their reviews when doing things like clothing hauls on their channels.


Lydia Rose, also known by the name of Fashion In Flux, is a UK fashion blogger who I believe has pretty much done paid partnership with every known clothing brands out there. For example she has worked with Boohoo, Daniel Wellington, Lasula Boutique, Lounge (underwear) and Pretty Little Thing. Her short minute clips on her profile (from her Youtube) is what I like seeing as it’s a nice, short clip of all the outfits and ways in which it could be styled. If you’ve got a favourite piece of clothing and want to jazz it up every day then you should definitely check her out! Your feed will be filled with nothing but quirky and simple outfit styles.


Annie Drea is a funny Youtuber that shares her clothing hauls, holidays and everyday vlogs. I was introduced to Miss Drea through one of her friends who I also watch on Youtube and ever since then I have enjoyed watching her personality come through the screens. Another reason I like her is because of the body positivism she shares throughout her channel and  profile. Her personality is also demonstrated through her clothing and you can tell that she is not afraid to try something new to step out of her comfort zone for new fashion discoveries. You’ll find a variety of outfit choices on her channel, whether it is for an everyday look or you want to look like a true queen B, Drea is definitely the girl you looking for.


Other than a mother, Youtuber, blogger and wife, Samantha Maria is an good source for inspiration when it comes to fashion. At first, I used to think that her style was not my cup of tea but the more I kept seeing her popping up on my timeline, the more her fashion style began to intrigue me. Now I’m not saying that every style that she captures is something that I can see myself suiting but some others are for sure my kinda look. She makes her outfit pictures look so simple and effortless (which is easier said than done). I can say that her leopard print outfit styles is what drew me into them too as I’d never have imagined myself wearing prints at all, never mind leopard print shirts. If you like the look of her feed then be sure to click on the link which is on her Instagram name for more inspiration.
And some more others that I follow for that fashion inspiration are…


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