With Winter Approaching : Tips on Staying Happy + Healthy – words from ‘Your Health Stina’

With just a short time left until Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea for me to share some of my winter tips and thoughts!

Winter is certainly a season that I always dread, as I feel the cold very easily. I do not look forward to the dark and gloomy days, the icy cold frost and dampness. However, living in the UK, we certainly do have to put up with a lot of colder months and prepare ourselves for the winter.
As we head to the winter, I think we all plan ahead for the coming months to feel prepared.

As a person who hates the cold, I ensure that I have all the right clothing in the house to dress warm for outdoors and keep cozy indoors.

Must Haves

I need to have a choice of hats, scarfs and gloves to cover up well. Additionally, I like to wear jumpers and lots of layers when it is really cold outside. I try hard to stick to cotton jumpers, which is can be quite hard to find. Underneath my jumper, I normally wear a thermal vest and a t-shirt.
If I wear jeans, I prefer them to be slightly baggy so that I can wear a pair of leggings underneath them, especially if there is snow outside. Alternatively, I wear a pair of trousers with tights and thick socks and trainers or boots.

So my outfit choice head to toe throughout the winter would consist of a thermal vest, long sleeve top, jumper, thick coat, scarf, hat and gloves, leggings, jeans, thick socks and boots.

At home, I like to wear long warm pyjamas with warm and cosy socks, slippers and a dressing gown. If I’m going to bed, I normally have a hot water bottle with me and a throw or blanket over my duvet. I also heat up my bedroom a bit with an electric heater before going to sleep.

Staying Positive Throughout Winter

I like to go abroad at some point throughout the winter, just to be able to get away from the cold weather here and go somewhere nice and warm like Spain, where I can enjoy the beach and the sunny weather.
I think it is a great way to break up the winter, stay positive and have something to look forward to.
The darker days can really make me feel quite down at times.  So I think it is great to be able to sit down and relax and home with a peaceful and positive mind.
Using candles and essential oils is really calming and gives me this sense of warmth. So I really recommend investing in a candle burner and an essential oil with a scent that you like to smell.
Salt lamps, are another fantastic item to use in the house through the winter and at Christmas time, because they give out a warming light and are really homely. Himalayan salt lamps are supposed to help increase energy levels, improve your mood and help with coughs and allergies, so they are a real benefit.
If you are someone who enjoys baking, why not bake a nice warm fruit cake, crumble or tart. Baking days are perfect to keep buys at home when it’s cold outside.

Keeping Healthy

As most of us lack in Vitamin D, I highly recommend to supplement across the colder months in order to help boost your immune system and keep you healthy. Take Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 together for best results.
Eat plenty of nice hot vegetable soups. One of my favourites has to be Amy’s Kitchen, as she has a range of delicious soups that you can buy in Supermarkets such as Waitrose. Additionally, drinking herbal teas is another great source to feed your body with nutrients, keep warm and feel better.
I absolutely love a hot lemon and honey with some ginger, as I’m sure you probably know already this is a fantastic drink to help fight off colds.

About the Author

Christina is a British blogger who lives in Surrey and blogs about health and lifestyle. She grew up on a poultry and vegetarian diet, which consisted of chicken, turkey and vegetarian options. She is now pescatarian and has a real interest in the vegan diet. Christina suffered with panic attacks as a teenager, which made her really understand the importance of health.
Christina is now happily married to her husband she met through an online dating site, whilst she was in her school days.
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