3 Simple Strategies for Sticking To Your Goals

I have such a good feeling about 2019 and how convenient is it that January 1st just so happens to fall on one of my posting days…. S C O R E! Oh – Happy New Year! It’s so crazy to think how fast and slow 2018 went by, but here we are.  I don’t know about you, but I honestly have a bunch of plans for 2019 – and I am going to be working very hard to turn all my plans, dreams, and goals into reality.

I wanted to share some of my goals and plans with you in hopes that this will not only inspire you, but help keep me accountable towards completing what I’ve set out for myself. 

New Year, Same Me – Bigger Goals

I think the whole “New Year, New Me” thing is trash. Sorry, that’s just my opinion. The truth is, I’m not looking to be a “new” me, I’m looking to better myself and who I already am. I came across the quote “New Year, Same Me – Bigger Goals” while scrolling through my Twitter feed (Thank you, Ell Duclos) and it couldn’t be truer. I think we all get so stressed out about changing ourselves that we forget to shine the light on who we really are and who we really want to be. My focus for 2019 is to achieve growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Now that I have a new planner and won’t be bullet journaling, I was trying to figure out how to go about writing all my goals down in a way that wouldn’t look too messy. I saw an idea on Pinterest about organizing your goals by category and decided to give it a try.

“See problems as opportunities for growth + self-mastery.”

3 simple strategies to achieve your goals

I have a lot of goals for 2019, so organizing them by category seems to be the best way to get a good look at everything without getting overwhelmed. When the New Year rolls around, many people jump at a chance for the “refresh” and start piling onto their list of resolutions. And if you’re anything like me, then those goals probably sit on a piece of paper all year and end up getting thrown in the trash. But! This time, I’m sticking with them – and I wanted to give you 3 Simple Strategies for Sticking To Your Goals. 

3 Steps to Sticking To Your Goals

Step One: Know Your Why

What is the purpose of this goal? What do you want the outcome to be? If your goals don’t match up with something bigger, you’ll end up losing motivation and inspiration. Know why before you try. Here are some of my goals and whys as an example:

Goal: Start taking Melatonin + B12 and create a new sleeping routine.
My Why: I want to take control of the day and utilize each hour I am given to get work done.

Even if your “why” sounds silly – it’s important to you for a reason! Keep that reason in your head and don’t let go. 

Step Two: Make Daily Momentum

Look at your goals every day – first thing in the morning. Make use of your everyday planners, notebooks, sticky notes, or notecards and leave your goals where you can see them. It’s not about seeing them, it’s about seeing them so much that you’re thinking about your goals and believing in them to be true. To be real. Give yourself the daily affirmation of moving closer to your next accomplishment.

I take my planner everywhere with me and leaving it on my desk, open, when I’m home. I take it to work with me and go over everything on my break. Sometimes I even bring it in the car with me when we are going places. Be your own affirmation. 

Step Three: Turn Your Goal Into A Plan

What do you need to do in order to reach that goal? Think, break it down, and turn it into an action plan! Get yourself in the mindset of being “hands on” with your life and goals.

Tip: Turn your goal into a NOW. Try to make a monthly goal! Then say “based on my monthly goal, what is one thing I can do this week?” Now, “Based on my weekly goal, what is one thing I can do today.” And finally, “Based on my daily goal, what is one thing I can do right now.” 

Set your goals + don’t stop until you’ve reach them!

Some 2019 Plans I Have in Store

Now that we’ve talked about some goals, I want to talk about some of the plans I have for 2019 that will take effect right here on the blog and across my social channels.


Introducing: Self Care, Success, + Sundays. A new segment on my Facebook page that’s going to get REAL every. single. Sunday of 2019. Here, I’ll be tackling a lot of self-care, mental health, and all around need-to-read topics. And I really hope you guys come and join the discussion! Sundays @ 10am EST

UPDATE 2020: This segment will being making a return on the first Sunday of each month at 9am EST!! Put us on your brunch schedule.


Monthly Newsletters will also be a thing this year! I’m not sure when I’ll be starting this, but it will include a monthly wrap up of every post during that month, as well as more news and possibly even giveaways! I am so excited about this that I could squeal!! Keep an eye out for when I reveal this (hopefully soon.)

I am so-so-SO excited for 2019 and everything I want to accomplish that I can hardly contain myself. And I want to say thank you to everyone who has joined me for 2018 and I hope to continue seeing everyone for the New Year!

Thank you so much for all of your support!


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