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I’m Kasia!

I’m a mama to be looking to create a better mindset for myself and help as many people as I can. Through blog posts, I want to help you get out of your head and take action in your life.

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Cruelty-Free Makeup Products don’t have to be hard to find! Learn how to identify the trust-worthy logos before you spend your hard-earned cash! #crueltyfree #bbloggers #fbloggers #blogger #lifestyle
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When I saw the previews for this month's box, I was so stoked! Not only were they sending me the regular goodies, but Medusa's Makeup also decided to collaborate with Ella & Mila and put some vegan-friendly nail polish in there, too. If you haven't heard of Medusa's Makeup before, they are an edgy vegan-based…
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2019 is as follows: MY YEAR. Happy New Year, everyone! I want to talk about goals and how to strives towards accomplishing them. In this 2019 opener, you'll find my three steps towards achieving the plans you've set out for. #LifestyleBlogger #BossGirlBloggers #GoalSetting

My Story

I know first-hand how stressful and overwhelming life can be. Even though I’m still young, I’ve learned that a lot of the struggles that come with life come with how I handle things and the pressure I put on myself to be better and be perfect.

I spent a few years holding myself back from my full potential to please the expectations of others and what they wanted from me. I kept letting life happen to me instead of taking the reigns on life.

But I decided it’s time to stop holding myself back. I’m finding new ways to prioritize my mental health, work on relaxing, and committing to a life-long relationship with bettering myself as a whole. It’s time to push perfectionism out of the way and make room to excel in every area of my life.

And I want to take YOU with me. My goal is to help you improve your mindset, live stress-free, and remember productivity > perfect.

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