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I’m Kasia!

I’m a mama to be looking to create a better mindset for myself and help as many people as I can. Through blog posts, I want to help you get out of your head and take action in your life.

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2019 is as follows: MY YEAR. Happy New Year, everyone! I want to talk about goals and how to strives towards accomplishing them. In this 2019 opener, you'll find my three steps towards achieving the plans you've set out for. #LifestyleBlogger #BossGirlBloggers #GoalSetting
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New Year, Same Me - Biggers Goals : That is my new 2019 motto. I am so set on my new goals + plans that I couldn't possibly think about anything else. Need help turning your goals into action plans? There are three easy steps you need to take to make your dreams a reality! https://beautyforthebrain.com/2019/01/01/2019-opener-goals-plans-tips/ #LifeStyleBlogger #BossGirlBloggers #GoalSetting #GoalsIntoPlans
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2019 is all about beating your best! I'm so excited to be executing some plans and following through with all of my goals. I've got my planner locked and loaded with tons of new posts, ideas, plans, + more! And I hope you join in on the fun. Let's talk about 2019 and read on as I share some tips towards staying on top of your goals + resolutions. Happy New Year, friends!

My Story

I know first-hand how stressful and overwhelming life can be. Even though I’m still young, I’ve learned that a lot of the struggles that come with life come with how I handle things and the pressure I put on myself to be better and be perfect.

I spent a few years holding myself back from my full potential to please the expectations of others and what they wanted from me. I kept letting life happen to me instead of taking the reigns on life.

But I decided it’s time to stop holding myself back. I’m finding new ways to prioritize my mental health, work on relaxing, and committing to a life-long relationship with bettering myself as a whole. It’s time to push perfectionism out of the way and make room to excel in every area of my life.

And I want to take YOU with me. My goal is to help you improve your mindset, live stress-free, and remember productivity > perfect.

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