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My name is Kasia Olszewski, and I am a 17 year old writer. Here on Beauty For The Brain, you’ll find vegan-friendly lifestyle, beauty, and fashion based articles filled with lots of dry humor, sarcasm, and real talk.

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2019 is as follows: MY YEAR. Happy New Year, everyone! I want to talk about goals and how to strives towards accomplishing them. In this 2019 opener, you'll find my three steps towards achieving the plans you've set out for. #LifestyleBlogger #BossGirlBloggers #GoalSetting
Guys - I got PERSONAL on my latest blog post about finding self care though my skin care routine! Be sure to check it out and let me know what products YOU love to use in your routine and how they’ve affected your skin. #skincare #veganfriendly #bossgirlb
People often looked shocked when I tell them I haven’t taken medication in almost a year. Why? Essential Oils - what are they and why should you use them.

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