Store Launch! Details/Other News

Beauty For The Brain brings very exciting and important news to the plate. My online store will be launching on September 1st, 2017, where I will be making and selling resin art and other small items! Some examples of what will be selling is below! I will also be making  phone cases with Decoden Whip and... Continue Reading →

Opening an Online Store!!

What's up, guys? I've gotten really into crafting on the daily and I've made a big decision for myself. As I've mentioned previously, I'm going to college very soon. That being said, I need to save money to move and get on my feet. I'm going to be opening an online store via Storenvy and selling... Continue Reading →

Working with Resin

Recently I've acquired some Easy Cast Resin to make some cabochons with. It is one of my favorite hobbies right now and it very time consuming. Working with resin can be very tedious and if it gets everywhere, it's really hard to get up. So if you're planning on working with resin, here are some... Continue Reading →

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