My Morning Workout Fiasco// ft. Goals

I was born in the month of August, so for me my year starts in the middle of everyone else’s. Why? Because it makes more sense to me. When I make “New Years Resolution,” I tend to make them in August. Not because of the new school year or anything, but because I was born in August, so that’s when my year officially started.

Last August, I decided that I was going to be happy with myself. I decided that I was going to put aside the hate I fueled towards myself,  try to look in the mirror, and be positive. It was A LOT harder than it should be and I’m still not quite there. I also decided one other extremely thing. So my 15 year old mind said: “I’m going to gain 20 pounds.” And I was set on it.

Okay let’s stop here. Are you crazy??? You’re going to gain 20 pounds? Why? Yes, I know it sounds absolutely crazy. 5’5 and 120 pounds is very ideal for most teenagers. So why in the world did I want to gain 20 pounds?

There’s thing in life that we cannot control. That is the plain truth. Gaining or losing weight is all about controlling your mind and body. So here I am, August 29th, 2017, a little more than a year later, and I’ve finally gained 20 pounds. So what do I do next? This is the tricky part. See, I wanted to gain weight that way I could lose it in the way wanted to. Well, I don’t want to lose all of it. If fact, I’m mostly happy with my body now.

So now that we’ve got all the background information, I want to share with you the real story. I haven’t worked out in quite some time. Okay, I’m not completely and utterly lazy! I do walk my dog, Cesar, and go out on the weekends and blah blah blah. But I haven’t worked out. I could try to make up excuses as to why I haven’t, but the truth is, I didn’t feel like it.

This morning I planned out a small workout for myself to jump back into the game. When I say small workout, I actually mean small. 20 squats, 20 sit-up twists, 10 reverse crunches, 20 alternating elbow-to-knee crunches, and then 20 more squats. Not much, but enough to start. When I got down on my yoga mat to do start my sit-up twists is when I officially realized just how long it’s been since I’ve worked out. Reasoning: My dog has never seen me workout besides doing yoga.

So here I am on the floor of my living, trying to accomplish my first workout is God knows how long, and my giant St. Bernard decided he wants to trample me. This picture just does not justify his size. Cesar.jpg

Cesar is about to be 2 years old, so when he plays, he plays like a puppy. For some reason, he thinks he’s small enough to jump on you. In turn, he ends up trampling you. So there I am, silently screaming while he digs his paws into me, until finally, I get him off of me, tell him to lay down, and he gives me this cute face. Yes, the one in the picture. He is infamous for his very cute puppy dog eyes.

How can you be mad at that face?

~Thank you for letting me share my story! Do you have any silly stories involving your pet? Share them in the comments!~


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