Workout Buddy

Last night I went to Wal-Mart. For all my foreign friends who may not have one of these, Wal-Mart is a store with literally everything. Anyways, I went to Wal-Mart to buy new weights. See, my body has grown used to my baby weights (3lbs and 5lbs) and so I bought two 10lb weights and two 20lb weights. Don’t be fooled, the 20’s are NOT for me. At least, not yet. They’re for my best friend to use.  Note: My best friend does in fact live with me right now.

Here’s the thing: I hate working out in front of people, but if someone is working out with me, then I don’t mind so much. Having a workout buddy is great in some ways and not so great in others. Here are my pros and cons of having a workout buddy:



  • Motivation. Having someone to work out with means pushing yourself harder and having someone else motivate you to go the distance.
  • Constructive Criticism. Especially working out with someone like your best friend, constructive criticism is something I look for. I struggle with push-ups and I always have. That’s where he comes in. He helps me make sure I keep the right form and pace for myself that way I don’t hurt my knees or back.
  • Spot Check. Trying not to move my legs while doing crunches is really hard for me because I can  get restless. Having a workout buddy means someone to keep my legs in place.
  • Self- Judgment. Working out with someone can also lead to negative thoughts. Am I doing this the right way? Are my weights too light? Do I look silly? These are a few questions that might go through your head if you’re self-conscious.
  • Akwardddddd.  That’s right. Overall, it may just be flat out awkward.


As I start out my workout journey, I’m glad to have someone to motivate me through it. One of my biggest problems is pushing myself. Major thank you to my best friend for joining me today and helping me do things I never would have done before.




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