World Egg Day 2017

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a large controversial question that has followed us throughout the ages. I, for one, believe the chicken came first. But this is not what I’d like to talk about today.

Today, all around the world, people are celebrating World Egg Day. People are making their deviled eggs, egg salad, eggs benedict, and other popular dishes. But at what point do we stop the thank the poorly mistreated chickens behind the production of these eggs.

Today, instead of celebrating eggs, I’d like to take the time to exploit the industry involved with selling them. Without further ado, here’s 5 facts the egg industry doesn’t want you to know:

1. Chicks are hatched in large incubators and never see their mothers. If you grew up without one of your parents, then you know what this feels like. Baby chicks NEED their mom.

2. Not very long after hatching, the males and females are separated. Females are crammed into cages and males are either tossed into trash bags to suffocate, or are ground up alive. Now imagine if this were happening to humans. Imagine being separated from your sibling at birth. If you’re a boy, tough luck. You have to die for no good reason. Now why do we treat chickens like this if we wouldn’t treat each other like this?

3. Females have anywhere from five to eleven other females in the same cage. I don’t know about you, but I could not share a bedroom with 11 other woman. Let alone a tiny wire cage.

4. Because of terrible living conditions, chickens often die inside of the cages. They are commonly left in the cage to rot with other living birds still inside. 

5. After two years, any chickens still alive are sent to the slaughterhouse. These chickens then face the terrible process of death. 


I’m well aware of the controversy this post can and probably will get. But I don’t care! Imagine being defenseless and facing all of these terrible conditions for no good reasons. Chickens should be given the love and care they deserve.

Please, help me celebrate World Egg Day by saying NO to the egg industry. Help baby chicks all over get the freedom they deserve.



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