My December Goals//2017

I’ve decided I’ll be the one to break the ice…I really don’t like Christmas. And with that, let’s say goodbye to November and hello to December. Also hello to Day One of #Blogmas

It’s safe to say that the year has gone by insanely fast. Sometimes I feel like the past 11 months have gone by overnight. Of course they haven’t, but it truly does seem that way.

I’m not looking forward to the duration of December. Why? Because Christmas stuff drives me completely nuts. Holiday music, Christmas trees, and gifts are in my top 10 of things I don’t like. However, there are things I do like about Christmas. I do like giving gifts. I do like the food. I do like seeing the snow fall. (If you live in that kind of area.) And I do like corny Christmas crafts.

Speaking of Christmas crafts, I’ve also decided that I’ll be making the majority of my Christmas gifts this year. My family prefers things from the heart instead of things that are materialistic. This bring us into my first December goal.

1. Create and finish Christmas gifts. Because my Mom Mom is not tech savvy, I can actually tell you what I’ll be making for her. She has this knack for hummingbirds, so I’m hoping to make some new coasters for her house in which I’ll paint Hummingbirds onto.

My next goal still revolves around Christmas. See, I don’t live near my family anymore, and I can’t go home for the holidays. So my next goal is:

2. Ship out all gifts and Christmas cards. I’m pretty sure the majority of money I’ll be spending at Holiday time is shipping costs.

My third goal is more for me and my crafting skills.

3. Have 2 sales on my craft account. My first sale of December is tomorrow and I’m super excited. I’m hoping to sell a few phone cases that I assembled.

4. Get accepted into college. This is more of a “please please please except me!” If they accept me, I start January 8th!

5. One blog post per day! BlogMas is going to be so much fun!

6. Grow blogging traffic. I don’t really care about likes/shares. But I would love to interact with followers as much as possible. Comments are the things I most look forward to.

7. Get 500 followers on Instagram. Right now, I’m a little bit shy of 400. I’d really like to hit 500 by the end of this month.

8. Start my bullet journal! This is something I’m really excited for. I’m going to start my 2018 Planner/ BUJO.

This is all for my goals so far. I can’t wait to check in at the end of this month and see how much progress I made. What are your goals for this month?? Share them with me!! Also, stay tuned for all the days of Blogmas, I hope you’ll read with me!


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