Christmas Gift Under $10

     Day Two of #Blogmas and I’m super stoked about participating in it this year. When it comes to gifts, I’m definitely on a budget. I have to worry about bills and college, and I just can’t spend the extra money this year. This leads us to our second post of Blogmas: Gifts For Under $10

For The Builder

Gift set 1
Hyper Tough 65-piece Ratcheting Set w/ Case.

You can find this neat gift at Walmart for just $8.88 and can order it online HERE.







For the Crafter

This one is actually very simple! Visit your 99cent store and buy a tin can, then proceed to fill it with craft items! For $10, you can get one tin can and 9 items to put inside! Your crafty friend will enjoy this simple gift.

For the Mom

Moms deserve to relax! And it’s very easy to help her do that without blowing a ton of money. If your a kid, you can make what I call Mommy Coupons. All it requires is some paper and some markers or pencils, and some scissors.

First, cut out some squares. Coupon sized. Then proceed to write down some things you can do to help your mom out. Here’s a few ideas:

  • One night of silence. (This means after dinner, she can have the night to herself.) To all the husbands, you can make these, too. Simply stating, “Hey, I can watch the kids. Go take a bath and relax.)
  • Dinner Dishes. (This means you’ll do the dishes after dinner without her having to ask you to.)
  • Breakfast in Bed. (Before she wakes up one day. It can be as simple as a bowl of cereal, but if you take it in to her, she’ll be happy.)

These are a few ideas to get you started.

For the Dad

Lots of dads always need a new wallet, and there’s lots of stores where you can find one for under $10. Including Walmart and Target. If all else fails, you can make a corny duck tape as a joke gift. Chances are, they might just use it.

For the Kids

Here’s the thing, I sometimes do not like the idea of buying toys for kids. So here are some alternatives:

  • The Movie Night Box. Pick up a movie from the $5 in at Walmart or Target. Then go to the 99cent story for some candy. Your kid will mega appreciate movie night!
  • Sign them up for a kids class at Michael’s. A lot of the kids classes only cost around $2 with supplies included. Treat you kid to a day of fun and creativity.


So here’s my short gift guide under $10. I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas, and I’d love to hear yours! Happy second day of Blogmas!


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