My Winter Skin Routine// ft. The 96 oz Water Challenge // 14 days

Blogmas: Day 4. I almost feel like I shouldn’t start this post that way. It’s almost like I’m stranded in the desert….Missing: Day Four…..however, it’s the exact opposite. See where I live, we’re probably going to get snow in the next few weeks. If you’ve already received some this Winter, I’m extremely jealous right now.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons. Chilly weather means sweater weather…and I love sweaters. What’s one thing I don’t like about Winter though? Chapped lips and cracked skin….this brings us to today’s topic: My Winter Skin Routine ft. the 96 Oz Water Challenge.

I have self-harm scars. No, I’m not ashamed of them. Why? Because at one point in my life, I used that to cope with a lot of issues I was dealing with. No, that doesn’t make it right. However, I’ve learned a lot since then and I am better now. Why did I say this? Because as soon as the temperature drops, they crack open. This has become a problem for the past few years. This brings me to my skin routine.

1. Wash face. 

I found a ace wash that I’ll forever swear by. It’s called: Rainforest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel. This product has immensely helped with my acne, while keeping my face moisturized. And not the oily kind of moisture. It’s perfect for taking off any amount of makeup as well.

2.  Lotion up. 

Okay, the problem is, I also have eczema that insanely breaks out with anything scented. So here’s how I do it. My arms, thighs, and ankles all get unscented lotion. I no longer put moisturizer on my face.  My lower legs, torso, and neck all get scented lotion. Here’s the products I use for both:

Scented: Pretty As A Peach Ultra Shea Body Cream // Bath and Body Works

Unscented: Daily Moisturizing Lotion // Aveeno

3. Petroleum Jelly.

My lips always become extremely raw during the winter. So I would normally use a chap-stick, but since it’s made with bees wax, I’ve switched to petroleum jelly.  

My last step is to stay hydrated. And that’s all for my Winter Skin Care Routine. Speaking of hydration….

Starting today, I will be doing a Water Challenge for the next 14 days. A water challenge is when you drink a certain amount of water every day for a certain period of time. I chose 96 fl oz, which is 12 cups of water. 92-96 oz is actually the recommended for women. Then I chose the length of 14 days. Why? Originally, most people do 7 days. But, I’ve noticed that nothing can really happen in that period of time. So, I chose a two week period. If you’d like to join me in this challenge, I encourage you to choose your amount and your time frame and just leave a comment below or email me privately!

I’ll check back here in 14 days and let you know information on how my challenge went!

I hope you enjoyed my Winter Skin Care Routine! What’s your routine? What products do you use? I’d love to hear all about it!!




9 thoughts on “My Winter Skin Routine// ft. The 96 oz Water Challenge // 14 days

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  1. Great tips. My lips are soooo dry at the moment! I’m going to join you on the water intake. I have an Ileostomy so need to drink more anyone as prone to dehydration and I have to mix my fluid intake (not just water) but I’ve let it slide recently so got to get used to measuring again! Looking to aim for 3 litres a day xx

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