Christmas Gift Guide for Him

The men in my life are hard to shop for because they never talk about anything they want. Ever. To be honest, I wish I could cast a spell on them to just spill the list. But I can’t. And they won’t. So I talked to my boyfriend, Trey, and my best gal pal, Sam, and asked them both the same question: If you were a normal man, what would you want for Christmas. I say the question like this because my boyfriend does not take on the traits of normal men. Well, some things. With their answers and my ideas, I’ve composed a list of what in the world we can get our dudes for Christmas. So whether you’re shopping for your brother, dad, grandfather, uncle, spouse, etc. This one is for you! Blogmas: Day five.

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

1. Dual Action Cleansing Brush System // $25.00 // Ulta 

dualNot just women take care of their skin…men do too! And this Dual Action Cleansing Brush System is great to help him do it. It can be used with any kind of facial cleanser/ gentle scrub. This $25 set comes with the Rotating Cleansing Massager, Facial brush attachment, facial sponge attachment, and 2 AA batteries.

Buy it here at ! He’ll be happy and you’ll get points on your ULTA card…. win/win.


2. Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband// $13.09 // Amazon.commagnogrip


We all have a builder in our life. The one that seems to always have a drill in their hands. The Magnogrip Magnetic Wristband is perfect for that man! It’s worn like a bracelet and has a magnetic compartment in it to find and keep screws/nails easy peasy! At only $13, it’s the perfect gift for your manly man.  Click here to purchase it!


3. Ck One Body Spray // $20.00 // Ulta

ck oneWhen you search Calvin Klein, chances are a bunch of underwear models will pop up. However, Calvin Klein sports cologne as well.  Ladies, this is another one to put on your ULTA card… you’ll be platinum in no time! This scents smells great! And it’s long lasting but not overpowering like many other cologne brands. At $20 , this is another great gift for a man in your life. Click here to find this!



    4. Craftsmen 100 Piece Drilling and Driving Kit // $20.95 //

This is another great gift for the manly man.

craftsmanThis set comes with 100 pieces perfect for any project! You can use these bits to drill through metal, wood, plactic, or masonry.  Craftsmen is a very reliable brand at an affordable price! Click here to see this on



5. Topwell Black Pocket-watch // $10.99 //

pocketwatchI personally love the look of a pocket-watch. This one immediately caught my eye because of the steampunk look and the roman numerals. This Pocket-Watch is only $10.99 and has great reviews! I’m actually thinking of buying it for someone in my family!





Some others ideas for a man in your life could be:

  • House slippers. (My grandpa loves these.)
  • A gift card to their favorite store
  • Video games. (If you’re buying for a teen or someone whos old school, you may want to look into games they might like or systems. A lot of men I know love Nintendo games like Mario!)



I hope you enjoyed this short Christmas Gif Guide for men! Do you see anything you might buy? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Ouu I love the pocket watch idea! My guy would totally go to #4. I really love how you kept your descriptions, short and sweet but still very informative. Thanks for the great post 🙂

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