My Favorite Winter Scents // Blogmas Day Six

It was a chilly Winter night. They were huddled around the fire when suddenly the blogger said “let’s share out favorite winter scents.” And so they did.  Welcome to Blogmas: Day Six.

Blogmas Day Six.png


When I think of Winter scents, I  envisage a lot. SO without further ado, here are my top 5 favorite scents for Christmas-time.

1. Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread men are on my cookie-must-haves list. Stay tuned to see a blog post on my personal recipe for gingerbread cookies!

2. Anything vanilla scented. 

I love the Vanilla scent during the Winter. Vanilla candles, vanilla perfume, actual vanilla. Click here to check out my Christmas Gift Guide for Her to get a whiff of Vanilla Perfume 😉

3. Cinnamon 

This is a very common scent around this time of year, but it’s still on my list of favorites. Any crafts store will usually sell cinnamon scented pinecones or sticks that smell soooo good!

4. Peppermint.

This is actually one of my faves all year round. However, it’s more popular in the Winter. Most everywhere comes out with something that smells or tastes pepper-minty. Also, if you haven’t smelled the White Mint Latte candle from Bath and Body Works yet then YOU NEED TO.

5. Anything Apple.

From Fall to Winter, apples are the main attraction. I love the Winter Candy Apple candle from Bath and Body Works!


What are your favorite winter scents? I hope you enjoyed my Blogmas: Day 6 topic!



11 thoughts on “My Favorite Winter Scents // Blogmas Day Six

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  1. The best scents out of the ones you mentioned, for me, are the vanilla and apple scents. 🙂 I especially like apple-y scents because they smell so fresh! However, I don’t really like EATING apples that much.

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