Blogmas: Day 8 // Paw-some Pet Gifts

Buying the purr-fect gift for you fur baby if easy, but you always still want to spend time picking out the best gift for them. No worries, I’m here to share some of the gifts I bought mine! And give you ideas on other things you can do for your pets this Christmas. Welcome to Blogmas: Day Eight!

Blogmas_ Day Eight.png


When some kids are younger, parents give them the idea of Santa Claus. I personally never believed in Santa. So this year for Christmas, Trey and I got an idea. We told our Saint Bernard, Cesar, that if he behaved, Santa Paws would leave presents under the tree this year. But if he didn’t behave, he wouldn’t get so much as a treat. Of course, he’s a very snoopy dog and like’s to look through all the bags, so when I bought presents home today I had to wrap them immediately. If you’re buying for your pets this year, I encourage you to put From: Santa Paws on the label. My dog really buys it.

Tennis Ball Rose toyBecause my dog is so big, buying him stuffed animals is the biggest No-No ever because he shreds through them in seconds. However, absolutely adores rope toys. Anything that involved play fighting or running around is the best gift for him. I found this Figure-8 Tennis Ball Rope Tug-Of-War toy at PetSmart for just under $4 and I know he’s going to love it! You can find it in stores or purchase it online here.


Doggie Crinkle ToyMom Mom (Trey’s grandmother) bought him some crinkle toys online from a catalog. While I can’t show them because they’re already wrapped up for Christmas, I did find this replica online that you can purchase here. You can choose between a small (under $2) or large (under $4). They also have other ones that are just as cute for your furry friend!



Dog StockingPetSmart also has super cute stocking for pups. Each stocking has either 8, 12 or 24 items in them and are super adorable. We didn’t buy Cesar a stocking yet because the toys inside are too small, but if you have a small or medium sized dog than this is perfect for you! You can find this 8 item stocking here.



Kitty StockingSo maybe you’re a cat person…I’ve got you covered for that, too! My cat Mrs. Hudson has nothing to do but run up and down the hallway all night long. She sounds like an elephant. That being said, we’ve recently started buying more toys for her and our other cat, Clarice. For Christmas, we bought this Crinkle Plush for $3.97 , which you can also buy here.



cat stocking.jpgIf you like the stocking idea, they have some for cats, too! These one include Cat-Nip toys like mice and balls, and jingle bell balls, too! Cats love anything that makes some sort of noise. Mostly because they want to annoy you as much as possible. So give into their passive-aggressive spirits this Christmas! This specific one is almost like the one I bought, but mine has different animals inside. You can find this one here for just $6.47



Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your small pets! You can click HERE to browse all small pet toys and accessories. If you have fish or a snake, you may just want to treat them to something they don’t normally have. If you have a bird, try this page for toys, perches, and decor.


I love animals of all kinds and would love to meet yours. Introduce them in the comments! Here are mine:


This is Cesar, my Saint Bernard. He is 2 years old! 



This is Clarice. When we got her, she was 8 months old. She’s a huge fluff ball. Her name comes from Clarice Starling in Silence of the Lambs. 
Mrs Hudson
This is Mrs. Hudson , her name comes from Sherlock Holmes. But we mostly call her Hudson or Hudsy. She’s 5 years old. When I adopted her, she was very malnourished and now she’s very healthy. 

We also have 7 fish: Bruce, Simon, Pete, Tony, Lily, Chloe, and Grub. Bruce and Simon are Rainbow Sharks.




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