Blogmas: Day Nine // Winter Memories

For the past eight days of Blogmas, I’ve written very traditional posts. Gift guides, my traditions, my favorite winter scents; etc. But today I wanted to do something a little different. I would like to take the spotlight off of me and what I enjoy and put it on others! So I sent out a post to Facebook asking people to share with me their favorite Winter/Christmas memory. These are the answers I received.


Kaleigh C. // The Cauble Life 

I have so many great Christmas memories! Christmas has always been my favorite holiday! We have always made it a big deal in my house, going all out with the decorations and advent calendars. I remember one funny thing from when I was around 11. My mom, sister and I had went to the mall to go shopping. We also stopped at Walmart because we wanted to pick out a new ornament. While we were walking through the Christmas decorations, we saw all of there big yard decorations. One in particularly that we noticed were the deer that light up and move their heads. I remember my mom saying “man, those are so tacky” or something along those lines. We went about our business, picked out a cute ornament, and were on our way home, just a normal Christmas time day. It was when we pulled in to our driveway that things got interesting. You see, while we were gone, my dad decided he would surprise us with a new yard decoration that he had bought while we were gone. He had bought the exact light up dear that my mom had just said were tacky! lol I remember falling on to the ground laughing because I couldn’t believe it! I actually loved the decorations, I thought it brightened up our yard. My dad was so excited about it that my mom never told him she didn’t like them, and we set them out every year until we moved from that house and threw them out. 


Cecily S. // Cecily Rose Is Gold

My favorite Christmas memory is when my whole family would celebrate at this huge clubhouse. My cousins and I were all around the ages of 5-8 and we would run around and explore the entire clubhouse. One time, we were exploring the back closets and found “Santa’s” outfit! We were all so confused as to why Santa’s outfit was sitting in a closet. Then we came to the realization that Santa was HIDING somewhere in the building!!! We looked all over the place for a hidden Santa but never found him until he came to us to give us presents. I remember even asking him why he was hiding and “Santa” being genuinely confused! (When we grew up we realized the real reason why the Santa costume was hanging in the back closet). But this is a memory I will never forget. The Christmas adventures of my favorite cousins and I.


Mom Mom

My favorite memory is spending the holidays with my husband, Arnold.


Sandi R. 

Any memory when my grandparents were alive. They were such wonderful people.


If anyone wants to add their favorite Winter/Christmas memory, I encourage you to share it with me!




5 thoughts on “Blogmas: Day Nine // Winter Memories

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  1. I have so many great Christmas memories! My family is all very close, even though we live hundreds of miles away. Each year we rent a couple of cabins and get together for a week of laughter, fun and games. One year my mom bought my brothers, my cousins and myself marshmallow guns and we had a huge marshmallow fight. Oh…and we were all well into our twenties at this point! I love that my cousins and I all can still act like a bunch of kids together.

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  2. This is such a good idea for a post! December is always my favorite month because I love Christmas and winter, and my birthday is New Year’s Eve. My favorite memories are a mix of opening presents at midnight on Christmas Eve with my mom and brothers. I’d stay up all night playing with what I got, then wake up early on Christmas, put on whatever new outfit “Santa” brought (I always got one), dump the candy out of my stocking, and hurry the rest of my family to get dressed to go to grandma’s. The rest of my extended family would come to my grandma’s and we’d eat, play outside, and talk for hours. My grandma passed away, so every year I try to make Christmas as memorable as possible without her.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s so nice seeing everyone’s traditions and happiness during Christmas season❤️💚

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    1. This commented warms my heart! I’m so sorry about your grandma..but I’m sure she’s looking down on your smiling. Your Christmas sounds lovely, and I hope you have a great one this year!


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