What Do YOU Do on Christmas Day? // Blogmas Day 10

Yesterday you might have seen that I used other peoples answers instead of mine to answer this question: What is your favorite Winter/Christmas memory? I loved interacting with everyone who replied so I decided to do the same thing today! Today’s question is: What do YOU do on Christmas Day? I didn’t get a lot of answers, but here are the ones I DID get today, followed by my own answer to what I’m doing this year!


Ann // Gardening Limited

On Christmas day my husband and I sleep in and make a big breakfast. We open presents and then get ready to meet up with my family. We then go to a family member’s house for an early dinner (in-laws this year) to hang out and celebrate Christmas!


Annaleid // Actually Anna

What I usually do on Christmas day is skiing or snowboarding. During Christmas my family and I are always on a skiing trip, the last 10 years in Czech Republic. Before we started going to Czech Republic we went to Austria. I love spending time with my family during the Christmas holidays. We also tend to do Christmas dinner on Christmas day, rather than Christmas eve. Ever since I remember our Christmas dinner we eat cheese fondue! I guess that’s our Christmas tradition.


I want to thank the two ladies above for taking time out of their day to share this with me! Now it’s my turn to share! On Christmas Day this year, we’re going to be eating breakfast early. When Sandi comes home from her son’s house, we’ll be opening presents. Trey and I are also going to be putting a gingerbread house together. At dinner time, one of Mom Mom’s friends and his partner are coming over.

It’s definitely going to be really weird this year not being with my family, but I know they’re just a phone call or text away.

So what are YOU doing on Christmas Day? Share with me in the comments!

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