12 Date Ideas for Winter // Blogmas Day 14

Dating during the Winter is basically just a compiled list of saying “don’t touch me with your cold feet!” And let’s face it, the majority of people prefer to go on dates in the spring, summer, or fall. But never the Winter. It doesn’t have to be this way!!! I personally would prefer Winter over other seasons. Or maybe you’re single and looking for someone to cuddle up with this Winter…this is for you, too. Here is 12 Date Ideas for the Winter.



Binge Watch a Series Together

Look, a date does not always mean spending money. It about spending time. Grab some popcorn, cuddle up in bed, and find a new series to binge on!

Movie and Dinner (out)

This is a really common date, but it’s still applicable during the winter. Get dressed, grab dinner, and then catch a movie!

Movie and Dinner (at home)

Pop in a movie and eat some dinner on the couch! You can make dinner or get take-out. It’s entirely up to you!

A Walk In The Park

Literally! Grab you coats and shoes and take a stroll in your local park, around the block, or on the beach!

Be A Tourist Together

Drive to a city where neither of you have even been. Listen, it doesn’t have to be far away. Take some photos of each other and create a new memory!

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of those cliché things you see in movies…but it can be real, too. If you live where it snows, there’s bound to be a ice skating rink nearby! If you’ve never done it before…the fun is in the memory…not how good you are.

Christmas Tree Picking

That’s right! Put your coats and gloves on and go pick out a Christmas tree together!

Look at Christmas Lights

Get in the car, buy some hot chocolate, turn on the music, and just ride around looking at all the lights.

Take a Class Together

There are plenty of classes to take together during the winter. It could be a workout class or a craft class. Or anything you want!

Christmas Shopping

Men, listen. Shopping does not have to be a burden to you! Appreciate spending time with your significant other and help them pick out gifts for your family and friends. When it’s all over, you guys can go home hand-in-hand.

The Blanket Fort

Build a blanket fort for the two of you and break out the board games. Be a kid again with your favorite human.

Scavenger Hunt

Check out this FREE Printable Winter Scavenger Hunt List. Head out to the great outdoors and spend scavenger hunt time together!


I hope you guys enjoyed my 12 Date Ideas for Winter. Let me know if you try any of them this year!! If not, what are YOUR ideas…share them with me. Thanks for reading Day 14 of Blogmas!









27 thoughts on “12 Date Ideas for Winter // Blogmas Day 14

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  1. My husband and I have literally done everything on this list (that’s how I know your list is good ;))
    We just binge watched two shows this month – that’s probably my favorite.


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