Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree! Blogmas Day 15

As some of you know, I’m not a huge fan of Christmas. However, there are some things I do enjoy. Those things include: decorating the tree, looking at lights, making gingerbread men, making gingerbread houses, and buying/wrapping presents. Today we’re focusing on that first little guy: decorating the tree.

It seemed like the perfect day to focus on Trey and I’s mini tree for our room. Okay…it was not my idea to put a tree in the room. Worse, the tree is silver. And it had these awful colored lights. Thankfully, I saved the tree as much as possible. And what’s better than getting snow showers while decorating the tree??

Christmas Tree sideThis is the full view of my tree: complete with red, green, and blue ornaments. As well as a few snowflake ornaments. I definitely prefer it over what I looked like BEFORE.

trey-decorating-the-tree.jpgI definitely made Trey put a few ornaments on. Listen, I had to unravel the colored lights from a PRE-LIT TREE. That was a special kind of torture. So I had to made him help me decorate it.

Christmas PickleThen, of course, I had to put my Christmas Pickle on it! This is a German tradition, and upon finding out that I am 38% German, I had to have a Christmas Pickle on my tree!! Usually, you hide the pickle amongst the tree branches and the first family member to find the pickle gets a special reward. When I start my family, I’m definitely going to incorporate this. For now, it’s just a pickle.

Next year, I’m hoping to put up the big tree and make construction paper chains like when I was little. But, I’m glad I got to decorate a tree this year with my favorite person. Plus, let’s be real. I don’t have to take apart a giant tree after Christmas this year…SCORE. Unfortunately, Mom Mom puts up about 4 trees in the house; the upstairs living room, downstairs living room, Trey and I’s room, and the computer room. Thankfully, the big tree is not going up downstairs this year.


Did you decorate yet this year? How many trees do you put up in your house? What color schemes do you use on the tree? And lastly, do you put a star, angel, or bow on top?


I hope you guys enjoyed my short Blogmas post for today!






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