The Best Activities to Put On Your Winter Bucket List // Blogmas Day 17

I leave the house at least once a day; whether it’s to walk my dog, run an errand, or experience something new. Listen, I know leaving the house can be a pain. Especially when you don’t even want to get out of bed. But keeping a bucket list can help you get on your feet and do the things that YOU want to do. So if you want to get out of bed this winter…here are the best activities to put on your winter bucket list.


Bake Cookies.

You don’t have to leave the house to perform tasks on your bucket list. Unless you have to buy the ingredients….Baking cookies is such a regular task during the winter that it doesn’t seem like something you can put on your bucket list. But it definitely is! SO head over to Pinterest and find some cookies you want to try out.

Go to A Museum 

If you do want to get out of the house, a museum would be the perfect idea! You can escape the cold while experiencing new things. Simply go to Google and type in “museums near me.” I’m sure you’ll find one you like!

Start a new puzzle.

This is probably one of my favorites. When I was younger we did puzzles all the time! SO if you want to spend time with your loved one(s) without doing anything crazy, I suggest doing a puzzle together.

Go sledding/skiing/snowboarding/ice skating.

Okay look, some of these things are head, but other are easy. For: I can’t ice skate or snowboard, but I can ski and sled. If it snows in your area, or you live near a mountain, I suggest bundling up and try one of these activities.

Read a book by the fire. 

Since moving here, I realized just how much I missed having a fire place in my life. Now, I do just about everything with a fire burning beside me. Reading is probably the best way to get in your relaxing time. Go! grab a blanket and jump into an adventure.

Make Paper Snowflakes.

I haven’t done this since probably the 1st grade, but it’s one of my fondest memories.

Go visit Santa Claus

Even if you don’t believe in Santa, I think going to get your picture taken with him is still a neat idea.

Have a picnic by the Christmas Tree.

That’s right! Make some sandwiches, grab a blanket, and have a picnic right inside your house. Yes, it’s a real thing. Do it!

Watch Christmas movies.

My personal favorites are ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas,’ ‘Elf,’ and ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ Yes, that is a Christmas movie, too!

Make a handmade gift.

I love making sugar scrubs for the ladies in my life.  This is another idea that’s perfect for heading over to Pinterest!


Your bucket list isn’t just about traveling ridiculously long distances for amazing sunsets. It’s also about doing things that you enjoy and want to do! It doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t even need to necessarily leave your home to perform some of these activities. So, what’s on your winter bucket list? Let me know in the comments!




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