The 96 oz. Water Challenge // 14-day Check-In // Blogmas Day 18

14 days ago, I took the challenge to try and consume 96 ounces of water every day for two weeks. For those of you who don’t know, 96 ounces is 12 cups (or 3 liters). For someone who could hardly get through 2 cups a day, 12 seemed nearly impossible. So, here are my results.


Days 1-5 // 60/168

The first five days were seemingly easy. Now I’m not going to lie, I really had to pee….like all the time. I felt like an old lady. Each of these days, I was conscious of how much water I was drinking and made sure I had an extra bottle on hand when I finished one. Out of the 168 cups I was planning on drinking in those 14 days, I completed 60 of them.

Day 6

This is the day I really struggled. It started with being out all day. We were running errands and I only brought one bottle with me. I don’t know if you know this, but buying water out somewhere is really expensive…Then we ate out…AND I FORGOT. I accidentally grabbed a soda instead of a water and drank it. However, I didn’t forget for long because I felt really sick for the rest of the day. Water consumed: 8 cups ūüė¶


Days 7-14

After day 6’s fiasco, I seemingly got my water intake back up…just not to 12 cups. I was drinking 10 or 11 cups a day. I was so close to getting this challenge right. But I failed it.

Now I have to say, I did a lot better than I originally thought I would do.


Total Consumed: 141/168 Not too shabby.


My Pros and Cons

Pro:¬†My skin did clear up a little bit. I didn’t change how I ate at all during the duration of this challenge. ( I usually wash my face when I shower.)

Con:¬†Not everywhere you go has a bathroom….and 12 cups of water really makes you have to go.

Pro:¬†I was extremely hydrated and even craved water when I didn’t have it right beside me.

Con: The first 4-5 days I felt sick a lot because my body was detoxing things.

Pro: Drinking more water helped me sleep better and think more clearly.

Pro:¬†It’s made me more conscious of hw different things affect my body.


I hope you enjoyed my check-in! Have you ever done a water challenge? Do you want to do one? I’d love to cheer you on!

This has been day 18 of Blogmas!





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