Christmas Eve Eve // Blogmas Day 23

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and coincidentally the last day of Blogmas. I’m so excited for Christmas, yet sad that I will no longer be posting every single day. I’d love to continue this, but I’ve created a wonderful schedule for the upcoming new year!! Today, I’ve got something special planned for this post!!

After leaving the house at who knows when this morning and running all of our errands, Trey and I came home to construct the best Christmas tradition ever: a Gingerbread house.

I love making gingerbread houses and gingerbread men and all that jazz, so I was super stoked when Mom Mom brought one home yesterday! All night I stared at the kit and today I said to Trey, “We NEED to make that house!” And so we did!Gingerbread House Front Door

This is the front view of our Gingerbread House! As you can see, we added Marshmallow Trees! (Okay…I’ll be honest…I started to take over the house. But I did have him put on the trees and such.)

This house on the market is equipped with four gorgeous trees in the front: two big ones with ornaments, and two small ones on each corner of the house! The pathway has beautiful bushes and stones to pave the way! There’s a gleaming outside light to the left of the doorway to help you see at night!


Let’s talk about the sides now! Both sides have breathtaking lower beds under each window. The roofing is wonderfully decorated for the winter holiday! There is also another outdoor light that is motion activated to keep the pesky animals and burglars away!

Gingerbread House Back Door

Now the back door/ second entrance is also designed and has a step stone pathway leading directly to the door. With two small trees on either corner of the house, you’re sure to feel the breeze! Another outside light is placed here as well!!


*************************Elf Me With Gingerbread House

All realtor jokes aside, I had a fun time creating this house for Christmas with Trey! Here is a quirky Snapchat photo of myself that Trey took.

My dog, Cesar, was very confused about the entire gingerbread house creating. He has never seen one before so he was very put off, but he got used to it and went to lay down.



Trey Holding Gingerbread House

I even snagged a photo of Trey…(It took more than one photo to actually get him to smile, though.)

Don’t let him fool you, he enjoyed constructing it as well.

A big thank you to him for helping me get photos of it since his phone camera is better than mine.








Besides making a gingerbread house today, I also made some Chocolate Chip Cookies. I won’t lie and say they’re from scratch, but they do taste pretty good if I do say so myself.

Chocolate Chip Cookies .jpg

I’m slightly upset that I didn’t get to make Gingerbread Men, but keep an eye out next Christmas for plenty of Vegan Cookie Recipes!!


Did you make a gingerbread house this year? I’d love to hear all about it! I hope you enjoyed reading Blogmas: Day 23, come back tomorrow for the last Blogmas post of 2017!



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