Christmas Eve // The Last Day of Blogmas

Today is the very last day of Blogmas…*cue dramatic sob*….I’m very sad to call it quits but very excited for everything coming up within the next week.

A week from tomorrow, it will be January 1st, 2018. Boy, does time go by fast. It’s so weird how quickly the years fly by when you start to get older. I called my Uncle and his family yesterday and talked to them for the first time in probably 2-3 years. I almost started crying when my cousin told me she was in the 6th grade. That’s nuts. I was so happy to catch up with them, though, and I can’t wait to call them again soon.

I also called my Nana a few days ago, and she told me my Aunt flew down to Florida for Christmas. I’m upset that I don’t get to see her, but I know my mom is stoked to see her sister.

Speaking of Christmas….it’s tomorrow! I’ve told Cesar all year that Santa Paws might come to leave him something under the tree….and he wags his tail at any mention of Christmas or Santa Paws. I’ve bought some cute items for my furry pets this year that they’re going to love. If you need some last minute gifts for your fur baby go check out my Pet Gift Guide.


Christmas Eve is perhaps my favorite form of anything Christmasy because of a lot of things.

1.  Very awkward Christmas photos.

awkward-photo-1.jpgYes, for some reason, although I hate photos, I love very awkward Christmas photos. Why? Because everyone is rushing around and it makes you laugh. Most of the photos end up with genuine smiles. Here is one of the very low quality awkward photos that we tried to take. As you can see, we used a phone camera with bad lighting. Then, when rushing back to be in the photo, Cesar decides to photobomb it, too.

Even though it may not be the best picture with the perfect poses and amazing quality, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I want to give a big shoutout to everyone in the photo (including Cesar) for being a great family to me.

2. FOOD. 

This is very self explanatory. I love food. We made these things called Hawaiian Pu-Pus that I tried for the first time. They kind of taste like cheez-its. I also made cookies yesterday.

3. Christmas Jammies

I originally wasn’t going to stick to this tradition this year because of money issues. However, we have this store called 5 Below where everything is $1-$5 and I found some cute reindeer leggings and a Fa-La-La_la_llama shirt!

Christmas JammiesI apologize for my lack of face in this photo, however, this is the best photo I have of this cute shirt!!

4. Reading the Christmas Story

I know I can read it all year ’round but reading it on Christmas Eve is a tradition.

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

OKAY FIRST OF ALL…I relate to the Grinch 100%. I’m currently logging into my Netflix to watch this in my Christmas jammies.


I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and I will be back on the blog in just a few days!!






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