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Vegan Beauty Products // What I’ve Tried and What I Want To Try

Veganuary is on full blast! For those of you who don’t follow the vegan lifestyle, Veganuary is January and Vegan combined. It’s to symbolize starting the New Year with a new way of living. One of the biggest things I haven’t done yet is switch my bath products, but I have used lots of alternatives.

Previously, I have tried a numerous amount of shampoos, conditioners, body washes, bath bombs, and other products that are all cruelty-free and have no animal products in them. One of my favorites so far is Kneipp.

Kneipp is a brand that sells a wide margin of bathroom products including products in the areas of: bath, shower, body, face, men, kids; and more. You can even shop for products by a specified plant, like: Almond Blossom, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass; and sixteen others!

If you visit their site right now, you’ll see they are having a 64% off sale for certain products, making the majority of items around $5 a piece; I call that a steal! They also have some gift sets 50% off; buy one for someone or get one for you!

Kneipp Product Spotlight:

Kneipp Shower FoamThis Orange Blossom and Jojoba Shower Foam called “Kissed Awake” is definitely one of my favorites from Kneipp. It smells amazing and foams up great! This is the kind of product that feels like a bottomless pit. There’s plenty in the can to last a while, although the label only say 6.18 oz, I’m not sure I believe it. You’ll instantly fall in love just like I did.




Another cruelty-free brand I love is LushIf you haven’t heard of them, you might be the craziest person on the planet. While not all of their products are vegan, a wide margin of them are! Including a good portion of the bath bombs!!! Hooray! Anytime I know I’m near a Lush, I have to stop in to look at new products and smells everything! It’s definitely one of my guilty pleasures, and considering the huge selection of Instagram accounts dedicated to Lush, I know I’m not the only one.

Lush Product Spotlight:

Lush Lava LampWhile living in Florida, I traveled to the Florida Mall for my birthday. Of course, they have a Lush. I decided to buy this and I used it as soon as I got home. I was not disappointed. The blue spots are cocoa butter that made my skin feel so soft. And of course, fizzing a bath bombs has to be one of the most fun things on  Earth.




Who knew that Tarte would have an entire page dedicated to Vegan products. When I found this out, I was super stoked. Especially since I had used some of the products prior to finding out they were vegan. So, what do they have that’s vegan? Goof question. They have foundations, concealers, eye liner, teeth whitener, lip stick; and more! Of course, there not a ginormous section, but there is a good selection to choose from.

Tarte Product Spotlight:

deep dive cleansing gelThe only downfall to this is that it’s $25, but what more can you expect from a high end cosmetics company? If you haven’t heard me rave about this Deep Dive Cleansing Gel before than you might be fairly new here! Back in September, I traded in my Aveeno for a bottle of this and it has worked wonders on my face. News flash, I still have the same bottle 5 months later. One pump goes a longgggg way.



Products I Want To Try

There’s a huge list of brands and products I can’t wait to get my hands on.

  • The Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts. This is an $18.50 per month subscription box that you can find here. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time!
  • Set 697 – 15 Piece Vegan Pro Set. This is a synthetic makeup brush set that a little but on the pricier side; which you can buy here. However, they have a whole list of synthetic makeup brushes to choose from that you can find here.
  • The Alchemist Holographic Palette from Kat Von D. Kat Von D is another brand that has a page dedicated to vegan beauty. This highlighter palette is on my list of must-haves!!
  • The Mermaid Vibes Eyeshadow Palette from Omfg Cosmetics. This is a small makeup brand located in Riverbank, California that makes cruelty-free and vegan makeup by hand. I love this cute little palate.


Vegan makeup will always be on my wish list until there’s no more products left to try. Make up is one of my favorite things to experiment with and I can’t wait to try all of it! What are your favorite makeup products Do you have any product that are accidentally vegan?




2 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Products // What I’ve Tried and What I Want To Try

  1. I wish I was more confident with makeup but I never got into it… Maybe one day I will, especially with all these mega vegan companies to try. Good choice in Lush btw, I love their stuff although some products contain honey but it’s always super clear on the label 🙂 💚

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    1. Makeup definitely isn’t for everyone. In fact, I didn’t even start liking makeup until a few years ago. Growing up, I hated whenever my mom wore makeup because I always thought it hid her natural beauty, and I still think that about her. But now, I really love makeup for different reasons. 🙂

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