Bullet Journaling – 2018 Week Six

I love the days that Aunt Sandi is home in the mornings because she’s always so surprising. Sometimes she’ll call my name, ask if both Trey and I are awake, and then sporadically  tell me to get him up because we’re going somewhere. Most days it’s just errands and lunch or a random trip to Michael’s. Today, it was bowling. Yes, we woke up, rushed to get dressed, and headed out the door on a last minute decision to try our hand at bowling.

After three games we decided to head home and as I walked in the door I realized that I never made my weekly spread over the weekend. (The Eagles won!!! Woohoo!!!) So Trey and I sat down at his desk and I said, “Don’t bump me, please.” And he said “Bullet journal?” Yes, he does know me well.

So without further ado, here is my weekly spread that for some reason took me 4 hours to complete. Don’t worry, I enjoyed it!!


Bullet journaling has really helped me with a lot of stress. I don’t forget to do anything because it’s written down in front of me. I love having a habit tracker because they remind me to do things in a cute way. This week is week six of 2018. Crazy, huh? Football season is officially over and Valentine’s Day is approaching soon. Thankfully, I’ve already bought my card.

Last week, I accomplished all of my goals but one; I did not walk 5-6+ miles. In fact, Trey and I only walked about two and a half miles…oops. This week, I want to make sure we really go walking. We’ve actually been considering finding a 5k to train for…hmm

5-11 Bujo.jpg

This is my spread for this week. I decided to add a cute weather forecast this week because I saw an idea on Pinterest. Of course, it didn’t turn out how I wanted because my marker smudged the pen ink. Shout out to all those bullet journalers who have this same problem. And I also messed up writing the quote; good thing for me, I can maybe pull it off because of what the quote is.

weather forecast bujoThis week’s weather (in my area) looks like:

Monday (today) – Partly Cloudy

Tuesday – Partly Cloudy

Wednesday – Rainy

Thursday – Sunny

Friday – Cloudy

Saturday – Partly Cloudy

Sunday – Rainy


All the days that are rainy are supposed to be snow/rain/sleet. Yay.

Quote of the Week

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” -Unknown

Weekly Goals

  1. Walk 6 + miles
  2. Promote blog. (I’m still trying to gain new interactions.)
  3. Work on novel.

Nothing too crazy, yet not too simple.


I’m excited for a new week and I hope you are, too!!





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  1. This is a really great idea! My cousin has been doing some schedule journaling and has had great luck with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. klolszewski says:

      I’m glad to hear your cousin is having good outcomes with journaling! Thanks for reading, Shana!!


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