A New Bujo Idea – Journaling by Hour

About 8 months ago, Trey and I were talking about having a hourly schedule starting after we move to Maryland. See, Trey likes to be organized, and so do I, so we thought a it would a great idea to keep things on track. Of course, I agreed. After we moved, it seems like we forgot all about it; I traded in my old planner for a bullet journal.

As some of you may have noticed, I have taken to bullet journaling pretty well, but yesterday as I was thinking of how to do my spread for this week, I decided I wanted to try something other than some empty boxes. So and thought and thought, then I remembered.

bujo and lunch

Today has been great so far and I’m starting to appreciate Mondays more because it’s almost like a fresh start. I went out with Sandi to Petco and helped her pick out a algae eater for her fish tank and some other small fish that she liked and we also went into $5 Below; a store where everything is $5 or less. We picked out some small Valentine’s Day gifts and she got me some cute slippers!

On the way home we stopped for coffee at a place called Zu’s and I got a plain iced coffee with soy milk. We got home and I helped put things away and then I made myself some lunch, as you can see in the picture. This is baby tomatoes and spinach sautéed in garlic and vegan butter, complete with olive oil ciabatta bread from our grocery store’s bakery. (Don’t worry, the bread contained zero animal products.) Sandi bought this bread to go along with dinner last night and we have plenty left over and it’s perfect for making cute little sandwiches of any kind.

During lunch, I took a look at my bullet journal.

2-12 bujo

I decided to try out a hourly schedule this week to see how I liked it. I also really wanted to see if it would help me keep track of things and be more organized. So today my day has gone like this so far:

9am -9:30 Wake up/get out of bed

9:30 am-10am Workout

10am – 10:30 Get dressed

10:30am – 1 pm Petco/$5 Below with Sandi

1pm – 2 pm Lunch

2pm – present Blogging


I didn’t completely schedule the rest of the day because I wasn’t sure how long writing would take. And let’s face it, it’s almost 4pm. Some days it takes nothing to write and others in feels like it’s taking me 10 hours.

As of today, I quite enjoy journaling by hour, although it takes up a lot of page room. I’m not sure if it will be super time consuming but I’ll give the full report next week. Stay tuned!!! You can also check out week’s last bullet journaling post: Bullet Journaling – 2018 Week Six


Today’s Bujo Tip

Don’t be afraid to experiment new set ups to get a feel of what kind of planner is perfect for you! A bullet journal is the perfect place for trial and error, so don’t be scared to try different colors, textures, and spreads!

Need Some Inspiration?

Don’t be afraid to search for inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. Follow my Bujo board on Pinterest, I re-pin all the times so your imagination will never run dry!!!

You can also search under the hashtags on Instagram, such as: #bujo , #bujoweeklyspread , or #bujoinspiration


Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed this post and I do hope you stay and connect with me! Don’t forget to stay tuned for a Valentine’s Day inspired beauty post on Wednesday and a new recipe on Friday!!




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  1. I love bullet journalling! I’ve been plannng on making an hour bullet journal spread but it’s just so much work! Thanks for the tips girlie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. klolszewski says:

      I’m glad I could be of assistance!!


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