Vegan Recipes – Where To Look For Them and Choosing The Right Ones For You

Vegan Recipes with Kasia

I want to start off this post with acknowledging my accomplishment for the week: I got my mom to watch What the Health. Score! You da bestest mama bear! For those of you who don’t know what that is, What the Health is a food documentary on Netflix. Specifically, the one that aided me in going vegan. I also want to take the time to thank Zoe from The Crumby Vegan once again for giving me lots of helpful insight and tips and becoming such a good friend to me; despite the age and time zone difference. I encourage you to check out her blog and maybe leave a sweet comment!

Despite only being a vegan for about a month and a half, it has impacted my life tremendously. I have made some key decisions about my future in saving animals and hope to act on them very soon. I’ve also made some good acquaintances through blogs and social media outlets.

Important PSA: Not all vegans are obnoxious, vain, and narcissistic!! I admit that I have seen some vegans who act all high and mighty because they don’t kill animals. To me, being a vegan means being respectful and compassionate towards all beings. Animals and humans alike. Not just dogs and cats, but every living being. (Yes, including creepy crawlies.) Don’t let one vegan leave a bad taste about all of us!!

To any of the vegans out there, or anyone who’s considering it, finding recipes isn’t very hard. But there are plenty of do’s and don’t when it comes to hunting them down. Today, I want to talk about where you can find vegan-friendly recipes and choosing the right one for you!

Just like non-vegan food, not every recipe is going to be something you like; even if it’s filled with things you do like. From personal experience, I did not like the Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burger I made, but others who had used the same recipe loved it! But I love both sweet potato and black beans, and have had them together before. Enjoying food is all about what your taste buds like, so don’t be too disappointed when you try something that ends up sucking!

One of the best places to find recipes is Pinterest. I know, I know…I’m so basic. But it’s true! The biggest problem with using cook books is that most of them are vegetarian. That means you’ll still have to figure out substitutes instead of a recipe telling you exactly what you need! When I’m in a rush to find something for dinner, I don’t want to have to stop and think about how I can substitute something. The best thing to do is open up Pinterest and search for vegan recipes! You can also follow my vegan recipe board!

Another thing I like to do is support vegan blogs! There is a lot of great ones that post delicious recipes! Check some of these ones out:

If all else fails, check for inspirational recipes on Instagram!! Don’t forget to also try recipes from PETA and Mercy For Animals.


So you’re having trouble finding something to make? Don’t worry, it’s super easy to create your own recipes last minute; I do it all the time!! If you have vegan food in your refrigerator, you’re already good to go. You can also try entering the items you having into a food generator and it will tell you what you can make out of it!



Here are two recipes that I through together with just a few ingredients that I had in the fridge!

Recipe #1: Leftover roasted veggies (potatoes, onions, and peppers) sautéed with baby tomatoes (cut in half) and spinach with vegan butter and garlic! Finished off with some ciabatta bread. (Don’t worry, the bread is vegan, too.)

Recipe #2: Spinach and Baby Tomatoes sautéed with red cabbage, vegan butter, garlic, onion, and a pinch of turmeric. Not in picture: I stuffed it inside a tortilla and made it into a quesadilla minus the cheese. Delish!


Improvising can be very easy! As long as there are vegetables in the fridge, you have something to make.

Need something on the go?? Silk and So Delicious-Dairy Free offer yummy coconut, soy, or almond milk yogurts. Pack up and yoghurt and some fruit to take on the go or to work! There’s also delicious vegan fig bars and breakfast bars from Nature’s Bakery. If you don’t like either of these options, you can snack on veggies or nuts! Don’t forget that a great deal of potato chips are vegan-friendly.

PSA: The orginal flavor of Oreos are what we like to call “accidentally vegan.” So grab a pack when your sweet tooth kicks in and dip it in your dairy-alternative milk!


If you have any question regarding veganism, I do encourage you to contact me through my Contact Page! I check my emails multiple times daily and have no problem giving out information, tips, recipes, and overall friendly vegan advice and encouragement! I will be your #1 supporter!!

I hope this post finds you and brightens your day. Happy Friday!





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  1. Ah love this post! Thank you for including me – I feel so lucky to have met you at the start of your vegan journey 🙂

    Did you know the story behind Deliciously Ella? She got really sick (not sure what was wrong with her exactly) and after trying all the medicine she could, she decided to change her diet and eat only plant-based whole foods. Her sickness went! How fantastic? Means she still uses honey in her recipes but that’s always super easy to swap for maple syrup or agave syrup 💚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. klolszewski says:

      I actually didn’t know that about her but that’s absolutely fantastic! I was actually just telling my mother about the honey debacle yesterday. How some vegan recipes are plant-based eaters and not vegan vegans.

      Liked by 1 person

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