Vegan Q&A

Hello everyone! Today I have prepared a very short post that’s very full of information! As you may know, I have been a vegan since the beginning of this year and I have no plans of stopping. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed that I put out a post asking people to comment any questions that may have had about veganism. Although I did not get a lot of people commenting, which is understandable, I did have to think long and hard about the questions that were asked. So let’s jump right in.


How long did it take to lose the craving for meat products?

This is actually an easy question. I haven’t had a craving for meat since I quit, however, I do get cravings for glazed donuts. (I have not given in to this craving because I know there are vegan donuts out there waiting to be found.)

What are some of your favorite yummy alternatives?

I absolutely love the vegan ice cream from So Delicious Dairy Free. An amazing brand for meat alternatives is Gardein, which is typically sold in any grocery chain. I like the Beefless Crumbles, which absorb the flavor or anything. They’re perfect for spaghetti sauce or vegan tacos.

How did you make the decision to go vegan?

Although it too me months of research, it initially only took one night to make the decision to go vegan. To sum it up, I combined my love for animals with watching the documentary titled ‘What the Health.’ You can actually read more about it in my recent post, Why Did I Go Vegan In The First Place?

What strategies do you have for eating vegan at restaurants? Do you have any strategies?

This is a great question! I normally don’t agree to go out last minute. There’s a great website called Happy Cow where you can look for vegan-friendly restaurants in your area. It will point out vegan options on a menu or it can give you cafes that are strictly vegan.

If you’re wondering about a fast food restaurant or a small dinky place, be sure to check PETA or ask the shop owner for an ingredients. If you’re a vegan, I would advise you not to stop in the McDonald’s drive-thru, as not even their fries are vegan! Yikes!

How do you deal with standard questions like, “but how do you get enough protein?”

Oh My Gosh!!! When I get asked this question…I scream inside!! SO how do I deal with it? Good question. To get over the burning sensation of this question, I like to politely explain to people how much protein is in nuts, beans, and legumes. I usually do it in gram comparison to a burger. Lot’s of people are usually shocked when I disclose that I do not drink protein drinks every day.


This Q&A has been very fun to complete and I want to send a thank you to the lovely ladies who asked these questions. I do hope to do another one in the future, whether it be vegan related or not!

Happy Friday and thanks for reading!




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