2 Hours in Downtown Annapolis

I’ve lived in Annapolis for 195840 minutes a few months now and it’s crazy to think about how little of it I’ve actually experienced. I could tell you how to get to the movie theatre or the grocery store, but I probably couldn’t tell you which bakery is the best or what shops have the cutest clothes. I’ve only really experienced a set location of the city. So I could tell you how to get to the Harbour Center off the top of my head or even the Kmart in Edgewater. But I definitely couldn’t give you directions to the Naval Academy or the bagel shop.

This weekend I got to experience downtown Annapolis for the first time and it was absolutely gorgeous. The fact that I hadn’t been there before was almost appalling because of how amazing it is there.

When we got there we paid for 2 hours worth of parking and took off. While walking out of the parking lot and on to the sidewalks, we saw men in kilts coming out of one of the Irish pubs. Okay listen, downtown has a lot of Irish pubs. It being Saint Patrick’s Day, there were definitely a lot of Irish around. (I made sure to have some form of green on my shirt after Trey pinched me all morning.)

Trey and I begged for Starbucks, so we made our way in and ordered. I got this amazing Chai Tea Latte with Soy Milk. #veganfriendly

I found this adorable little shop called Hats in the Belfry and we went in to look around. For some reason, a scarf caught my eye and I ended up purchasing it. The woman told me that she had had the scarf since last fall, so I’d say that it was definitely waiting on me to purchase it. I think that buying that scarf put me in a huge mood because yesterday I bought another one at Joann Fabrics. 

Anyway, we walked around and went inside a lot of shops. I even tried on a dress that we almost bought, but I decided I probably wouldn’t end up wearing it. It was kind of dressy with dusty blue lace, like something you’d wear to church or on a date. It was definitely a cute dress, but it was way too straight for me and I prefer flattering dresses.

We also went into a t-shirt store where Trey found a new sweatshirt, Mom bought a onsie for my soon niece,I bought a post card, and Mom Mom bought yet another deck of cards. (I’m telling you we must have 10+decks.) I told Trey that I was going to steal his new hoodie, and I did get to wear it. It was insanely comfortable.


We found this AMAZING store called Seabags that recycles old/used boat sails and turns them into all kinds of bags. I fell in love with the octopus tote bag and I’m definitely going to go back for it when I have the money to buy it. The store isn’t super expensive but it’s moderately pricey seeing as everything is made from sail material and takes time. They also have a promotion where you can bring your own old sail and you’ll get a free bag. I thought that was pretty cool considering Annapolis is the boating capitol of the world. People could create a lot of trash by having to throw out their torn or old sails, but instead they can bring them downtown to a store who up-cycles them AND get a free item by doing so. The store is actually based in Maine but opened a store in Maryland due to lots of online MD customers and even some who would travel all the way to Maine for their products. How neat is that?

After this, I went into Capitol Comics and purchased a couple comic books to add to my small, yet growing, collection.


We didn’t stay downtown for very long, but I’m glad I got to experience a new part of where I live. We decided that we are going to go back when the weather is warmer to take the tour on the Harbour Queen.

I, of course, am super excited to go back downtown soon.


I love living in Annapolis. But I equally love finding all the treasures within it! Have you ever traveled or lived here? If so, what was your favorite thing in Annapolis and what do you recommend doing?





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