20 Things on My Travel Bucket List (USA Version)

Travelling has always been something that I want to do when I get older. I see photos on Instagram that drive me to an insane point of jealously because all I want to do is hop on a plane and go somewhere new. I’m not going to lie, I follow an insane amount of travel inspired accounts across the social media boards; it’s like an obsession.

I have a huge bucket list. No, seriously, it’s so big I haven’t even written it all down. Of course, it’s all separated. For example, some is broken down by season. Peep at 25 Things You Should Add To Your Spring Bucket List This Year . Some is in categories such as beauty, food places, or travel. The thing is, travel doesn’t necessarily mean going to another country. In fact, I’ve only been out of the country twice; once when I was 6 months old. There’s definitely a lot of things in the United States that I would love to see. Here are 20 things on my travel bucket list…USA style!


1. The Grand Canyon.

2. The Golden Gate Bridge

3. Yellowstone National Park

4. The Statue of Liberty

5. Central Park

6. Bryce Canyon National Park

7. The Empire State Building

8. Arches National Park

9. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

10. Yosemite National Park

11. Acadia National Park

12. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

13. Glacier National Park

14. The Florida Keys

15. The National Mall

16. Disneyland (in California)

17. Niagara Falls

18. The Brooklyn Bridge

19. Mount Rushmore

20. Redwood National Parks


A lot of the things I want to see are National Parks. The reason why is because I used to be a photographer and I loved capturing gorgeous scenery. A big plus is that I love hiking! I actually got to check one off my list last weekend: A Day Trip to Washington D.C

I will definitely be posting more seasonal bucket lists to the blog from now on! My question for you today is this: what is on your travel bucket list??






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