ColourPop Review: ‘Elements of Surprise’ Shadow Palette// ‘First Charmer’ Shadow Foursome


Let's Talk Beauty (1)

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius 

If you were ever to ask me if I’ve ever had a ginormous change of opinion, I would 100% tell you yes. If you were to go back in time and tell my 12 year old self that I would one day become infatuated with makeup, I would tell you that you’re absolutely crazy. As a kid, I hated make-up. I think a big portion of it was hearing lots of women talk about how ugly they look without it. Makeup was associated with insecurity and I thought it was downright diabolical. When I was in the 3rd grade, I told my mother that I hated when she wore it because she looked prettier without it.

I started wearing makeup at 14, which to me seemed like a late time to start because all my friends were already caked up on contour. I started wearing neon eyeshadows and plum lipsticks; but let me inform you that blending was not something I was capable of doing. In result, I looked like a train wreck.


A few weeks ago, Ulta announced that they were finally go to be carrying the brand: Colour Pop. If you’ve never heard of the brand, I strongly encourage you to check it out! For Christmas, my sister got me a gift card to Ulta. So when my mother came to visit, she brought it up with her. A few days ago, I finally decided to use it because I really wanted some new eyeshadows.

When I walked into Ulta, I immediately noticed the ColourPop stand and Trey helped me figure out which palettes to buy. We decided on the Elements of Surprise Shadow Palette and the First Charmer Super Shock Shadow Foursome.


Element of Surprise Shadow Palette

Element of Surprise

First Row (Left to Right): Feels , Late Night, Silk Street, Rayon

Second Row (Left to Right): Go With The Flow, Subdue, Opulent, Labyrinth

Third Row (Left to Right): Blank Canvas, Sea Stars, Details, Peace of Mind


First Impression: When I first saw this palette I loved the colors. I did some swatches inside the store and loved the texture and pigment of each color. The shimmer of the palette is what really sold me to buy it.

Sale Price: $16


When I took the palette home, I knew I would have to test out the palette as soon as possible. I wanted to test three things:

  • How well the colors blended
  • If the colors looked good together
  • How pigmented the colors could get

ColourPop reviewFor the look, I blended Labyrinth and Sea Stars in the crease. In the outer corner, I blended Labyrinth with Blank Canvas. 

I proceeded by adding Go With The Flow to my entire eyelid, as well as a small bit of Peace of Mind. 

Then, I added Subdue to the center of my eyelid with my finger, and blended the edges.

To complete the look, I added Peace of Mind to the bottom lid, just under my water line. And some black eyeliner to my bottom water line. I also added Feels on the inner corner to pop everything together.

The colors blended well and looked great together. I think the adding Peace of Mind and Feels at the end really sold it and pulled everything together. I really love how pigmented everything was a well.

Final Grade: 5 stars


First Charmer Super Shock Shadow Foursome

First Charmer


First Impression: I loved the simplicity of each color and the easy price.

Sale Price: $18

This review will be a little bit different. The reasoning is because one of the shades (Brady) is not vegan-friendly, so I will only be grading three out of four colors.

I will be grading the remaining shadows: Truth , Fluffy, and Seeker. 






Truth has a satin like texture and blends smoothly. I love the light natural beige color it gives off.



You can buy this shadow alone for $5.00 here.




Fluffy is an amazing color! The pigment is a warm gold shade with a very slight pink undertone. It’s perfect to use with both a natural and dramatic look.


You can buy this shadow alone for $5.00 here.



Seeker Seeker is a matte brown with a slight red undertone and is perfect for blending into your crease. I love the pigment of this color!



You can buy this shadow alone for $5.00 here.



Final Grade: 4 stars


The great thing about ColourPop is that they’re a cruelty-free brand that’s also mostly Vegan. You can view their Cruelty-Free Statement here.  They DO have a list of their non-vegan products (available here) so that you can make sure your makeup is not on the list!

Today’s question: Have you tried ColouPop before? If so, what products have you used and what did you think of it??

Thank you so much for reading!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karla says:

    Love the colors in this palette and your eye makeup looks gorgeous! Need to check this brand! 🙂


    1. klolszewski says:

      Thank you, Karla!


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