Welcoming April – Goals, Quotes, and more!

You may hear me say quite often how fast I  feel the year is going by. If I’ve said it a thousand times, I’ll say it again – 2018 is flying by quickly! Last month, you may have read my – Welcoming March – Monthly goals, What to expect, and more! ft/ D.I.Y Vision Board – where I welcomed March and provided and unique D.I.Y to go along with it. (I’m still enjoying my vision board and have hung it up! I would love for you to check out the post!

To wrap up March and move along to April, it’s once again time to review old goals and produce new ones. Last month’s goals were:

While I did progress on my Instagram and Facebook, I definitely did not reach the 600 goal. However, I did reach my Twitter and Pinterest goals this month, which I am super stoked about. I also got 100 comments on the blog! Woohoo!  Lastly, I almost achieved my writing goal, but I did not write everyday.

March Recap:


Now that April is here, I am so ecstatic to take on brand new goals! I really did think about some of the things I’d like to accomplish and how easy or hard it would be to do so.

My April Goals

Blog/Social Media

  • 1,000 Views / 100 comments / 125 followers on my blog! Yes, you can now follow me via your email. Every time I update, you’ll get the post sent directly to you.
  • 600 Instagram followers
  • 100 twitter followers
  • 200 Pinterest followers
  • 500 facebook followers

Other goals

  • start planting herbs and flowers
  • work with one + brands
  • read 4 books


Quotes of the Month

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

In the Instagram photo above, you’ll see I chose to have this quote on my April cover page in my bullet journal. I chose it because it’s a motto that I want to continue following outside of just my monthly goals.

Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become of you respect, mirror what you desire.”

I chose this because it’s an accurate quote of how I should be setting myself up. If I expect failure, than I’ll set myself up for it. You should always keep an eye on exactly what you’re working towards.

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

I chose this because too often I find myself wanting to quit before I have even started. Being afraid of failure is a normal thing that everyone experiences! Don’t let it get in the way of trying something new. Failure is just another opportunity to try again.

“What comes easy won’t last long and what lasts long won’t come easy.”

I chose this because it felt like something I needed to hear. Lot’s of times when you make a goal, you cut it down into little bite sized pieces. Taking baby steps is great! But cutting your goals in have to make them easier will not give you the joy of actually completing what you want done. Never settle for less than what you want.



I want to end this by thanking each and every one of you who have read through my blogging journey. If you’re a new follower, thank you! If you’ve been here a while, thank you. If you’re reading this three years from now, thank you! This blog continues to grow every day and I am so thankful to be running it!

I would love to connect more with you, so be sure to check out my social media:

Twitter          Instagram          Facebook          Pinterest


Thank you so much for reading!



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