Dear Pet Owners

I woke up this morning at about 9 ‘o’ clock and got dressed and ready to go. All we needed to do was drop off some dry cleaning and run to Macy’s in the mall. Of course, these are the easiest errands of all time, so we got done fairly quick. On the way home we decided to stop at a comic book shop that we pass every day but have never actually been inside. We always make the comment: “next time we will stop to look.”

When we pulled up, I noticed the car next to us had a dog inside with  the windows cracked. At first I didn’t think anything of it because I assumed that the owner possibly left the air conditioning on for the pooch. The dog was very nice as well and came right up to the window to get us to pet him.

After visiting the comic book shop we went to leave and go home when I noticed the dog was still in the car and now seemed to be very distressed. He ( or she) was panting and moaning in exhaustion and lapping at the air of the barely cracked window.

I quickly went back into the store and spoke with the employee who seemed to be in charge. I told her the make and model of the car and told her the situation. The woman was very alarmed to say that least and upset that anyone could leave their pet out in that kind of heat. She proceeded to tell me that she would figure out who the owner was and kick them out of the store so that the dog would be okay. As I left the store, I could hear her begin to start asking customers who’s car it was.

Today, I think I may have saved a life.

This brings me to todays post which I think may be the most crucial most I have ever written. I do hope you share this with at many pet owners as people and spread the awareness.


Dear Pet Owners,

Pets are the most marvelous creatures ever to enter a human’s life. In fact, they DO say that dogs are man’s best friend. Your dog loves you with everything he’s got and it’s only right that you love him with everything you’ve got right back.

Here is a not so fun fact: Even when it’s 75F outside, the inside of your car can heat up well into the high 90s and 100s in just minutes.  Yes, even with the window cracked. If YOU cannot withstand that heat (I know I can’t) then man’s best friend can’t withstand it either.

Listen, I know you want to take your companion anywhere and everywhere, but if you cannot take them into a store you need to leave them at home where they can stay safe…and alive.

If you do insist on taking your pet with you, please leave the air conditioning on in your car for them to be comfortable while you are gone. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours… your pet should not have to endure the pain of slowly dying from boiling inside out.

I want to inform you that I will not hesitate to call an official to break your car window to save an animal. While it’s not legal in my state for myself to do it, is IS legal to call and have an official do so. Click here to figure out whether it’s legal in your state or not!

If you cannot take care of your pet, you should not have one.


Decent persons


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please forward this to your pet owning friends! I also want to say that this week on my facebook page will be Self-Love Week! Starting Monday, Self-Love Week will last seven days and have a special post designated for each day.

Day One: Becoming Aware

Day Two: Act On What Yo Need

Day Three: Acts of Self-Care

Day Four: Forgiving Yourself

Day Five: Protecting Yourself

Day Six: Finding Your Happy Place

Day Seven: Positive Affirmations


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