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“Two By Two” by Nicholas Sparks – Book Review

If you’ve ever seen the movies The Notebook or Charlie St. Cloud, then you know all about Nicholas Sparks. Truth is, he’s a phenomenal author and none of his books that I’ve ever read have been boring.

Title: Two By Two

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Don’t worry, there will not be any spoilers. 

This story is about a man (Russ)  figuring things out and taking care of his daughter (London)  while going through a divorce (with Vivian.) Sparks brings every single aspect into the plot and it is such a beautiful book. Each character of the book brings in their own key factor which ties together in the end.

My favorite character is definitely Midge, Russ’ sister. During the story, Midge provides Russ with lots of intel, sarcastic comments, and an overall big sister vibe. She has a partner (Liz) who is a therapist and also give Russ advice during his divorce.

Reading this book was effortless. In fact, it was almost impossible to put down. The novel is definitely easy to navigate. Each chapter starts off with a flashback (put in italics so the reader can clearly see the difference is past and present time.) Although the book is very detailed, it is not overwhelming and every detail helps tie everything together in a non-cluttered way.

If you choose to read this book, definitely pay attention to the cover art. It plays such an adorable part in the book, which is perhaps one of my favorite scenes altogether. Aside from this, my favorite parts are when Russ is spending time with his daughter, London. They both start to realize how much they need each other and how much time they missed spending together.

two by two

My Overall Star Rating:  ★★★★★

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes a realistic story. Although, divorce is a tragedy, this shows a beautiful relationship between a man and his daughter, and a man and his family.

Buy it now on Amazon starting at $9.99


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