My 17th Birthday Plans And Wish List

I’ve never really liked celebrating my birthday. In fact, over the past few years, it seems like I dread the date more and more as it approaches. But for no reason in particular, I have decided to celebrate my birthday this year and have as much fun as humanly possible. Of course, I still have three more months to go until it’s here, but I’m weirdly excited to celebrate it this year.

I wouldn’t say I’m a normal person. Last year, instead of celebrating my sweet 16, I decided all I wanted to do was get a nose piercing and eat cheese cake. So me and my mom booked a hotel and did exactly that.Β  This year, it’s a little different.

I have been living and breathing on Pinterest for the past month trying to figure out something to do. See at first, I was going to throw the biggest Unicorn party you’ve ever seen, but I really don’t have any friends besides Trey so it felt pointless.

A few weeks ago, my mom called me with some news that she’d be travelling up to see me for my birthday. Then, she called again with even better news; she’d be bringing along my favorite nephew (okay, ONLY nephew.)

I decided I needed to figure out something to do that all of us would like while still being almost-two-year-old friendly. Not only that, but try to find a place that had food that was vegan-friendly without being a crummy salad. Listen, I’m not knocking on salads but….a girl can eat.

After consulting Trey, my mom, and my friend Samantha, I decided on my official birthday plans.


My mom is coming up on the Friday before my birthday, so I figured we could just relax and maybe go out to lunch that day. Then on Saturday, the four of us will get up early and head to Ocean City.

I decided I wanted to bring a cooler with lunch so that we wouldn’t get stuck eating greasy Boardwalk food. So, I came up with a small menu that everyone agreed on…that would also fit in the cooler.

  • Potato Salad
  • Fruit Salad
  • Lettuce Wraps
  • Rainbow Salsa with Chips

Of course, these will be made the vegan way and not the regular way! There will also be some meat options for both Trey and my nephew.

During the day, we can clean up the beach, swim, and after that I would like to go to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Surprisingly, I’ve never been there a day in my life, but I’ve always wanted to go.

On Sunday, I am going to get a new piercing and then possibly have my birthday dinner at TGI Fridays. They have a Beyond Meat (vegan-friendly) burger there that I love, that again…isn’t a salad.

Monday, August 6th, my birthday. Unfortunately, it’s also the day I say goodbye to my momma and my favorite nephew. I was thinking that I may want to make a vegan strawberry cake. I saw a delicious recipe for it on Pinterest.

That concludes my plans, now onto my wish list. I hate gifts. I don’t know why, I just do. It puts a real dread onto holidays and birthdays because I immensely tell everyone not to get me anything and they still do and I really don’t like gifts. Again, this year is different. Maybe it’s because Trey likes to buy me gifts, or maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to my birthday, but for some reason, I am making a wish list. However, it’s more of a list of things I want to buy for myself and less of a list of things I want people to buy me. Because again, I don’t like receiving presents from people.

I’ve narrowed it down to three things that I would love to have for myself.

  • The Fitbit Flex 2. The reason I want this is because I’ve been trying to get into shape again. Not necessarily my body, but my stamina. I want to be more active and try to get back into running again.
  • A Polaroid Zip OR a Polaroid Instamax Mini 9 in Smokey White. Both of these have been something I’ve wanted to buy for a while because I love taking photos. It’s so important to me to keep memories and both are super portable and easy for trips.
  • A pair of the classic white Converse High-Tops. I really don’t see an necessary explanation for this. I love classics and I love shoes.


I am so excited for my birthday to come this year. I haven’t seen my mom since March (in August that will be 5 months) and I haven’t seen my nephew since I moved (in August, that will be about 10 months.) It’s so crazy to think that I’ll have missed 10 months of his life. But I can’t wait to see him again and try to give him the best weekend ever with the Auntie who loves him most.

I hope you guys enjoys today’s post! When is your birthday?



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