Vegan-Friendly Brands You Already Have In Your Closet – words from Miranda Dorsey

I was really excited when Kasia first emailed me back about guest posting on the topic of
vegan-friendly clothing. I myself am a vegetarian, so I try my best to make sure my clothing is ethically sourced. In my research for this post, I was surprised to find exactly how accessible vegan-friendly brands are. Brands that I (and you!) already have in my closet are considered vegan-friendly.

1. LuLu’s

forevr 21

LuLu’s is a newer online boutique that describes themselves as “sophisticated, chic, and
modern”. As for what makes this brand vegan, they offer a section on their website dedicated to vegan shoes. I absolutely adore LuLu’s! They’re one of my current favorite brands because of the wide selection they offer to their customers. They offer everything from a more classic style such as my own to trendier pieces. LuLu’s has been a hot brand on Pinterest due to their gorgeous flat-lays, and I have to say, that’s how I found the brand as well. I would highly recommend checking out LuLu’s, no matter what your style preferences are.

2. Old Navy
old navy

If you were to walk into your closet right now, how many of your basics would be from
Old Navy? Old Navy has been around forever and for good reason. It’s really easy to love for their low prices and the comfortable basics that the brand is known for. What makes this brand vegan-friendly is their commitment to providing vegan clothing, shoes, purses, and belts. It’s this brand’s availability and high-quailty-at-low-prices-fashion are what has secured its place on my list.

3. Forever 21
forever 21

Who knew that every fourteen-year-old girl’s favorite fashion brand is vegan-friendly? I
certainly didn’t until doing research for this article. But it’s true! Forever 21 carries a line of vegan/faux leather products.I have always know Forever 21 as the store you go to when you want something trendy and new- after all, the brand is known for its fast fashion. As any fashion fan knows, it’s hard to avoid finding this brand in your closet with their quickly rotating stock.

4. Target

For many, Target is a one-stop-shop for anything you might need. Towels, Strawberries,
and even clothing! Target currently carries a line of vegan-friendly faux leather as well, which means that vegans can now enjoy their products too. I love Target for their extensive lines of inexpensive products. Even better, the accessibility of Target’s clothing means that nearly everyone owns something from the brand.
Before I go, I want to say thank you so much to Kasia for this opportunity. I hope that
you enjoyed my article, and if you want to read more of my work, you can visit me at On all social media (twitter, instagram & pinterest) you can find me
@mirandajdorsey. Thanks for reading everyone!



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Miranda Dorsey is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger from Kansas, USA. She is currently a sophomore studying journalism at Kansas University and her dream is to become a fashion writer. Miranda has been around online beauty communities for about 6 years – give or take – and has loved every moment of it. She hopes you will join her as she continues to explore her passions.

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