My 2020 Word of the Year – Grow

Around the same time each year in January, I try to choose my Word of the Year. Some years it just comes to me. But some years like this year, I do a ton of soul searching to figure out what my true word to focus on is.

When I picked my word last year, it actually deemed to be true for the entire year. I dwelled on it, I used it to keep pushing, and it paved the way to the success that I did have throughout 2019. Opportunites. And boy, did I really have some opportunities all through the year.

My 2020 Word of the Year

This year was much like last year – I didn’t find my word right away. It came to me during a conversation I was having about some of the plans I have for myself to accomplish throughout 2020.

My 2020 Word of the Year: Growing

There’s a reason why my Word of the Year is always so important to me. I don’t like New Years resolutions – in fact, I’ve never really believed in them. I mean, I do have yearly goals, but to me that’s a bit different than a “resolution.” Goals are actual things I want to work on – whereas a resolution is more of spontaneously changing your life. (PS. That totally doesn’t work for me!)

The practice is that instead of setting a lot of different New Years Resolutions, you select one single word to be your focus for the year. Don’t you love it??

Breaking Down My Word of the Year

When picking my word for 2020, I wanted something to remind me of where I wanted to be at the end of the year. The goals I want to accomplish, places I want to go, and people I want to see.

“Where do I want to be a year from now?”

“How will this word affect me in my day to day life?”

“What do your goals in different aspects of your life have in common?”

“Who is the person you want to be this year? What characteristics do they have?”

It was these questions that helped me to pick my 2020 Word of the Year: Growing.

Why I Picked “Growing”

I could have picked “grow” but that seemed more of a demand rather than something that’s going on in my life. That’s why I chose “growing,” because I constantly am and I want to continue to!

There’s so many aspects in my life where I want to grow and so many where I want to continue growing. Growing. Growing my communication skills in personal and professional relationships, growing in my abilities and hobbies, growing in a better mindset for myself.

Have you picked your Word of the Year? Share it with me! I love the theme a word of the year sets to your goals and direction in the new year. Once you’ve picked it, set it as your phone’s lock screen. Write it on the bathroom mirror (in dry-erase marker). Frame it for your desk or your nightstand. Keep it in the forefront of your mind and use it to set smaller monthly goals throughout the year.


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