Hello! My name is Kasia Olszewski, but most who know me call me Cas. I’m 16 years old, a high-school graduate, and am about to start my Freshman year of college at the University of Maryland University College.

My hobbies include blogging, crafting, and writing, which are all some of my biggest joys in life. In the above photos, you’ll see my boyfriend, Trey, my best gal pal, Sam, my dog, Cesar, my nephew, Rowan, and myself. These are a few of the things that have significantly impacted my life. There would be more people in here, except I don’t have a lot of photos with them that are recent. Shoutout to my mum and the rest of my fam.

Join me in my blogging journey as we venture through my life and the experiences that come with it. Please interact with me and share yours as well!


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