Christmas Gift Guide for Her

*This post may contain affiliate links that give me commission through sales. It will not affect your sale negatively. Thank you in advance!* Shopping for girls can be really easy. In fact,  I think I speak for all of us when I say that we just want a little bit of effort. It doesn't have... Continue Reading →

Christmas Gift Under $10

     Day Two of #Blogmas and I'm super stoked about participating in it this year. When it comes to gifts, I'm definitely on a budget. I have to worry about bills and college, and I just can't spend the extra money this year. This leads us to our second post of Blogmas: Gifts For... Continue Reading →

My December Goals//2017

I've decided I'll be the one to break the ice...I really don't like Christmas. And with that, let's say goodbye to November and hello to December. Also hello to Day One of #Blogmas It's safe to say that the year has gone by insanely fast. Sometimes I feel like the past 11 months have gone... Continue Reading →

Why Adulting Is Hard

Okay, so it's definitely been more than a few days since my last post. And for that, I apologize. Since moving, my life became very busy and chaotic. I'm pretty sure we have run errands every single day since the day we got here. I'm not going to lie, I have been struggling immensely with... Continue Reading →

World Vegan Day 2017

"Becoming vegan is the most important and direct change we can immediately make yo save the planet and it's species." ~Chris Hedges      For those of you who may not have read my last post or perhaps doesn't know, today is World Vegan Day (November 1st, 2017.) Don't believe me? Look it up!  ... Continue Reading →

Transitioning to Veganism: Part Two

Transitioning to veganism has been a crazy step by step process. Of course, I am still eating meat right now, and very little dairy, but I'm loving the learning process. I have finally finished going through all my makeup, and it's sad to see a large portion of it gone with the wind. However, I've... Continue Reading →

World Egg Day 2017

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is a large controversial question that has followed us throughout the ages. I, for one, believe the chicken came first. But this is not what I'd like to talk about today. Today, all around the world, people are celebrating World Egg... Continue Reading →

Ben &Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Being a vegan doesn't have to mean boring old salads and green smoothies. In fact since trying vegan foods, I think I've only had one salad. So to that, I laugh. I hate when people don't think there's any diversity in trying new foods or lifestyles. My whole life, I've dedicated myself to trying that one... Continue Reading →

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